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"Star Trek" is full of fascinating alien races and civilizations throughout its long history. There are so many that the details are mind-boggling. Take this quiz to see how much you know, and learn more about one of the best sci-fi universes in pop culture.

Let’s start with the Orion Slave Girls! What’s their big secret?

Although Orion Slave Girls are popular across the galaxy, in truth, they send themselves to gain control of external organizations and businesses. The women are the real bosses!


With Denobulans, three is never a crowd because of this.

Denobulans can take up to three wives. The puffy-faced Doctor Phlox in the Enterprise series was a Denobulan.


Deltans are renowned not only for being bald, but also this.

Deltans are so sexual that they have to take an Oath of Celibacy, so they will not abuse other less developed races in the Federation crews. Maybe Kirk needs an oath like that, too.


For Trills, you sometimes get more than you bargain for because of this.

Trills are two races in one civilization. Some Trills have a life form implanted in them, known as Symbionts. Paired Trills have merged personalities.


If you are a guy and you shake hands with female Xyrillians, this happens.

Xyrilian females impregnate males through touch. Only the female genetics are passed on. One-night stands would be a bit too easy.


Nausicaans are a ferocious, angry-man sort of race. But their civilization is not that big a threat because of this.

Nausicaans are known to be very aggressive and hot-tempered - like Klingons. Thankfully, they do not get along with each other well enough to be a powerful empire.


This civilization is at the heart of the Federation, being one of the main races. They are very, very determined and stubborn.

Humans - us! - are not the most physically or mentally formidable races in the Federation. But our civilization is built on determination and exploration.


The Iotians copied this from Earth history.

Iotians were influenced by a book that a human left behind. When the Enterprise crew visited, their civilization looked like Gangster Era Chicago in the 1920s.


Why are Sphere Builders so unusual as a race and civilization?

Sphere Builders are not from our dimension, and they can travel through time, as well. Their civilization can literally take the long view.


The Excalbians, a silicon-based alien race and civilization, were fascinated by this.

Excalbians liked reviving the most evil of people in the galaxy to fight with a contingent led by Captain Kirk. They wanted to know what made good and evil different.


This civilization and race is, in the Star Trek Universe, on par with Klingons and Romulans in technology and warfare.

The Breen are secretive, and their civilization allied with the Dominion. They breed early in life and train early as well.


The Ocampa civilization has a quick turnover because of this.

Ocampa have a nine-year lifespan. Because of this, many generations will pass for them, as compared to humans and other races.


The Jem'Hadar was this kind of race for their civilization.

The Jem’Hadar is the main warrior race for the Dominion civilization in the series, and worships the Founders as gods. Their society has a strict honor code, and they usually die young in battle.


The idea of civilization is a bit shaky for Organians because of this.

Organian civilization is very old, and the race has evolved into energy forms. However, they are still curious about other physical civilizations.


Lurians are represented by only one guy: this barfly who loved to hang out in Quark’s Bar.

Morn, named after the TV sitcom "Cheers" character, Norm, is a Lurian. Not much is known of their civilization, except that they possess multiples of major organs.


Metrons are supposedly god-like because they can do this.

Metrons are so powerful, they can teleport people at great distances with their minds. Hence, we see that infamous episode where Captain Kirk has to fight with his Gorn counterpart.


The Kazon were a thorn on the side of this particular ship.

The Kazon were among the first aggressive races the Voyager ship and crew encountered. It was a big sign that not all civilizations would be okay with the Federation.


The Hirogen love keeping these trophies.

The Hirogen are a hunt-obsessed race and civilization. It is no surprise they like keeping body parts of their slain enemies.


Cherons are a very racist civilization. And this turned them on each other.

Cherons come in two colors: black and white, divided neatly at their center. The racial issue comes from which side of their body is black or white.


Talosians are addicted to illusions because of this.

Talosians are addicted to their illusion technology because they all suffered from it greatly. Their civilization is living in the aftermath of a nuclear disaster.


Vidiians are one of the more disturbing races in Star Trek, because of this biological issue.

Vidiians look like they are literally falling apart, and that is because their whole race is infected by a disease known as the Phage. Their whole civilization needs to survive by finding new body parts, even stealing them.


Talaxians have an unusual civilization, in that they are not known for their technology as much as this way of thinking.

Talaxians believe in the idea of a third, happier way when presented with two choices. One of them, Neelix, became the cook and morale officer of Voyager.


Not all civilizations have only one alien race. In the case of the Dominion, the Changelings were an important part of it. They were also called by another name. What was it?

The Changelings were also known as the Founders. They created the Dominion Empire to protect their own shape-shifting race from “solid” life forms. Odo, an orphaned changeling, was head of security for the Deep Space Nine space station.


Tamarian civilization has been hard to communicate with, because of this.

Tamarian language is based on metaphors, which are based on shared experiences. To understand them, you have to share some sort of history with them. Captain Picard had to go team up with Tamarian Captain Dathon, so they could have experiences that could be used to talk to each other.


Tholians are one of the classic Star Trek alien races, and also among the weirdest. Their reason for conquest is this.

Tholians are obsessed with order, rules and territory. It is no surprise that they are isolationists and racists. If they conquer an area of space near their borders, it is so they can make more space away from others.


The Gorn are probably the most famously funny of all the alien civilizations or races in Star Trek’s original run. This is why.

The Gorn are a race of humanoid reptiles... that did not look convincing, thanks to the make-up and prosthetics of the 1960s. Official word says they are technologically advanced, but on TV, they look like the children of a B-movie Godzilla.


In the "Star Trek: Next Generation" TV series, this race of energy beings has probably evolved away from civilization. The one being we meet from this civilization opens and closes the TV series.

The Q are god-like, and they have no problem interfering with “primitive civilizations,” or at least some of them don't. They can literally manipulate reality. It is not even certain that they are individual people - perhaps they are one big mind with many semi-independent parts.


Vulcans are the ultimate geeks of the Federation. It is no wonder that this is an important part of their civilization's philosophy.

The Vulcan IDIC philosophy (Infinite Diversity in Infinite Combinations) is part of the core of their civilization, as it is a short term for their dedication to science and logic. This is why they also try not to be so emotional, so they can be without personal issues while doing research and exploration.


Klingons started out as fictional symbols for these real-life entities in the original series.

The Klingon Civilization in Star Trek started out as a symbol for Cold War enemies of America (Russia, China), but later they became a warrior race that is heavy on honor, like the samurai of Japan. Their evolution on TV is seen as a cultural sign of how times have changed in the real world.


Romulans are actually a spin-off civilization, and their mother race is this.

Romulans reject the peaceful Vulcan ways, preferring conquest and expansionism. They still have the Vulcan love for science and technology, though.


The Ferengi have this text as their Bible of sorts.

The Rules of Acquisition dominate Ferengi culture. The whole idea of it is that a Ferengi should maximize profit in every transaction.


What makes the Borg so hard to fight?

The half-human, half-machine Borg can scan and analyze the type of attack that hits them, and then adapt to it within a very short time. Fighting them means having to come up with new weapons and strategies all the time.


In the "Next Generation" TV series, what is the race and cultural specialty of Betazoids?

The natural psychic and emotional abilities of Betazoids make them perfect ambassadors and counselors. Deanna Troi and her mother Lwaxana are the TV show's prime examples of this race and culture.


In one of the most famous episodes of the classic "Star Trek" series, this race "forced" a kiss between Kirk and Uhura.

The race known only as the “Greek Gods" in "Star Trek" are practically gods in power. But they somehow need the worship of lesser beings


Bajorans have always had trouble because their planet is located near one of these.

Bajor is near a wormhole that allows for travel between galactic areas that are far from each other. This is why empires and civilizations on both sides of the wormhole want Bajor for themselves.


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