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Titans of Industry are the people who have created businesses from scratch, or who have managed existing ones, and made them grow in leaps and bounds, impacting their country, and sometimes the world. Think you know these leaders well? Then take this quiz and find out!

The star of Apple, this Silicon Valley pioneer is recognized as one of the titans of the computer age.

Steve Jobs helped the world cross over to the digital age, with his other Silicon Valley contemporaries. Apple became synonymous with technical innovations regarding personal computing.


We won’t be able to afford the cars we buy today if it weren’t for this man and his innovative ways of working. Who is he?

The Ford Motor Company was responsible for establishing the assembly line production of cars, making it possible for many units to be cheaply made, assembled, and finished in no time. Since that cut down costs, Henry Ford was able to make cars affordable for the average American.


This former cartoonist made a name for himself and contributed greatly to the spread of American pop culture globally, with Mickey Mouse as his main brand ambassador. Who was this titan?

Walt Disney is a name that's also a brand. The former cartoonist nearly gave up on using entertainment as a means of his livelihood, but good thing he persevered, and reinvented how we are all entertained.


The Rockefeller Foundation, known worldwide for its philanthropic interests, was named after one of the wealthiest business magnates of America, John. D. Rockefeller. But aside from his philanthropy, in which industry is his name considered a titan?

Rockefeller made a name for himself by being an oil industry magnate. His company is named Standard Oil Company.


Hugh Hefner is the titan responsible for the creation of this men’s magazine with certain women featured in the centerfolds. What is his empire called?

Playboy Magazine started it all for Hugh Hefner. The magazine publisher, who owns Playboy Enterprises, is a multi-millionaire.


Thank this titan of the coffee business, Howard Schultz, for expanding this famous coffee shop that contributed to the expansion of coffee house culture worldwide.

Starbucks was just a small fledgling coffee company when Schultz acquired it in the late 80s and expanded it during the 90s. He patterned it after the Italian coffee culture where cafés were all over Milan during his trip there, and people socialized in cafés, aside from just drinking coffee.


Microsoft is his baby.

Bill Gates revolutionized personal computing by making software accessible, and later the hardware to carry it. Microsoft is now a household name when it comes to PCs and OS.


This German inventor is considered as the titan of the car industry, because he invented and patented the first motorcar.

Karl Benz invented the prototype of our modern-day cars in 1885. His vision stemmed from creating a horseless carriage, which revolutionized the world's transportation system.


Charlene de Carvalho-Heineken’s business empire might be too obvious because her name carries their main product. What kind of product is this?

Heineken beer is made by Heineken International, currently owned by business mogul Charlene de Carvalho-Heineken. She inherited the business from her dad.


Alibaba is making waves internationally — and online — thanks to the leadership of this Chinese businessman.

Jack Ma is the founder of the Alibaba Group, which is a group of companies that focus on internet-based businesses. Among these businesses are the Amazon.Com-like Alibaba e-commerce site and the eBay-like site called Taobao.


Mark Zuckerberg is the reason why social media boomed in the late 2000s, still skyrocketing as we speak, thanks to this social media platform he invented. What’s it called?

Facebook has changed the way people network with each other around the world. What started out as an after-school diversion for Zuckerberg is now the reason why his net worth reached a cool $45.5 billion (as of February 2016). Yes, dollars!


When it comes to the world of cosmetics, this businesswoman was hailed as one of the titans of that industry. Who is she?

Estée Lauder was one of the leading names in the cosmetics industry. She started her empire out of curiosity of the hygienic products her uncle manufactured, which she helped sell, and later develop.


Jeff Bezos is the guy behind the e-commerce website that changed the way we shop, especially online. Which site is his brainchild?

Amazon.Com's founder, Jeff Bezos, started the e-commerce site primarily as a book selling platform. Later, it grew in leaps and bounds, selling everything under the sun, worldwide.


Once convicted of stock trading anomalies, this prim and proper lady still holds the titan title with her home improvement-focused empire. Who is she?

The American business titan, Martha Stewart, is a brand name similar to Oprah, as she made a name for herself by running a successful magazine and TV show named after her. Her empire focused on various women-themed lifestyle and home improvement interests, including domestic concerns, decorating, cooking and everything in between, extending to merchandising.


Jeff Weiner is the reason why we are connected to each other, business-wise, via his popular social media platform for business professionals. What’s it called?

LinkedIn is the popular website for professionals who want to connect with other professionals out there. It's the like Facebook of the business industries.


Larry Page and Sergei Brin are the Stanford University classmates responsible for creating the leading search engine we’re all using now. What is it called?

The Google search engine magnates are now busy with a rearrangement of their companies which are now under the Alphabet Inc. conglomerate. Page is its CEO and Brin is its President, while they appointed Indian-American Sundar Pichai as the current Google CEO.


Aristotle Onassis was the Greek shipping tycoon whose love life affiliations were as buzz-worthy as his business connections. Which former US First Lady became his wife, after that First Lady’s husband died?

Jacquelyn Kennedy Onassis married shipping magnate Aristotle Onassis half a decade after JFK was assassinated. But she outlived him, too, after the businessman died in 1975.


This power couple of R&B-hiphop music and culture are jtitans of the industry due to their huge influence, not to mention their latest 1+ billion dollar net worth, according to Forbes magazine. Who is this power couple?

Jay Z is more of the business mogul, but that’s not to say that his wife, Beyoncé, is behind in that race. They have their own respective entertainment companies, as well as joint ventures in certain companies and businesses like the Tidal app.


Milton S. Hershey was the confectioner responsible for the Hershey Chocolate Company that revolutionized the way we regard chocolate bars. In which American state did he create his empire?

There's a small town named Hershey, Pennsylvania, where Milton established his business. He was a native of the state.


William Randolph Hearst is considered as one of the earliest media magnates of the USA. What type of media did he lord over during his time?

Hearst had holdings of the newspaper businesses in both the west coast and east coast during the late 1800s. However, his yellow journalism style sensationalized news.


Ted Turner is the founder of this now-famous 24/7 news channel which pioneered this kind of content presentation to TV audiences.

CNN was the first of its kind as a news channel that broadcast in a nonstop 24-hour cycle. This paved the way for other 24/7 types of cable broadcasting, driving the entertainment industry towards a new race to produce entertainment and relevant public affairs content.


Photography and the film industry in general wouldn't be as innovative if it weren’t for George Eastman’s contributions. Which famous company did he start, in connection with these creative industries?

The Eastman Kodak Company helped revolutionize picture-taking when George Eastman manufactured the first rolled-up film together with the easy-to-carry consumer camera for the average picture-taker. Because of him, regular non-entertainment industry people could become photographers with the easy equipment he patented.


Reed Hastings is the main reason why we have this streaming channel.

Netflix started out as a movie rental business done solely through mail. It eventually morphed into the streaming service we now enjoy.


Which leading business magazine declared PepsiCo CEO Indra Nooyi as the “Third Most Powerful Woman in Business” in 2014?

Fortune Magazine hailed Indian-American Indra Nooyi as an influential businesswoman, like other publications have similarly honored her. For her stellar business achievements, she has also been awarded honorary degrees by many top universities.


Larry Flynt is the known titan of the adult entertainment industry due to his successful adults-only magazine. Which one is this?

Larry Flynt is as notorious as his publication, Hustler. He wasn't even invited to the Oscars during the year where his bioflick was nominated, since his film's producers were wary that he'd make a scene.


Business magnate Warren Buffet is known for his business acumen as well as his sharp mind in this kind of business activity.

Buffet subscribed to the "value investing" principles he learned at the Columbia Business School. He is also a known philanthropist and remains outspoken about political and social issues.


British business titan, Sir Richard Branson, is responsible for establishing the Virgin Group that oversees around 400 companies. But this all started with a small business focused on a particular entertainment product. What was this product?

Knighted due to his exemplary contributions to his country, Sir Richard Branson started his business empire selling records. He opened Virgin Records first as a store, and later expanded it as a music label.


Malaysia’s business mogul, Tony Fernandes, made a name for himself in the airline industry by creating the cheap budget airline structure, now largely available all over Asia. What is his flagship airline called?

Tony Fernandes already had many business chops prior to starting AirAsia. He was schooled at the London School of Economics to boot.


This female daytime talk show host made a media empire around her influence and reach, covering not only American TV but also movies and the publishing industry, among others.

Oprah Winfrey is not only the queen of talk shows, but she has been a successful media influencer and business mogul for decades. Harpo is her name spelled backwards.


Rupert Murdoch, one of the leading media moguls of modern times, grew his media empire in the US. But from where is this media mogul originally?

Rupert Murdoch grew up within a media practitioner’s world in Australia, thanks to his father. But he opted to create his own media empire which is now called News Corporation, technically the second largest media conglomerate worldwide.


Anita Roddick is the English businesswoman who intersected her social justice advocacies with the manufacture of a more ethical line of cosmetics shop. Which shop is this?

An active human rights advocate and environmentalist, Anita Roddick intersected her advocacies when she developed her line of cosmetics that became The Body Shop. They practice what they call “ethical consumerist” tenets, and banned animal testing of their products like other cosmetic businesses were doing.


Forbes Magazine cited retail magnate Amancio Ortega as the wealthiest man in Europe, thanks largely to his business, Zara. What European country is Ortega from?

Ortega debuted his first Zara store in Spain in 1975. He was able to build this business into the high-end brand it is now today, building his net worth within the $80 billion range.


Jan Koum is a newer titan who invented one of those chat apps we now use. What is his innovation called?

Whatsapp is Jan Koum's contribution to the chat app industry. It joins others like Viber, Line, and others.


This man, ___ Soros, is also known for his savvy investment moves, making him a business magnate in the UK. What is his first name?

Budapest-born, UK immigrant, George Soros, is a familiar name in the investment sector. He is currently on the list of the 30 richest people of the planet.


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