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How well do you know the Rayburns?

What service streams ‘Bloodline?’

‘Bloodlines’ is a Netflix original thriller-drama series produced by Sony Pictures.


Which of the Rayburn siblings is the oldest on the show?

Danny is played by Ben Mendelsohn, who was the creators’ first and only pick to play the part.


Where is the show filmed?

Most of the filming is done in Islamorada.


What is the name of the Rayburn’s Inn?

The Rayburn House is actually The Moorings Village and Spa.


Which bungalow has a variety of issues?

First season it had AC issues. In the second season, it is the low water pressure.


Who plays the younger version of Danny Rayburn in Season One?

Nolan is played by Owen Teaque, who plays Jordan in the ‘Cell.’


Danny uses his job at the inn as a front to smuggle _______?

He smuggles cocaine for Lowry.


Danny returns home for the _____ anniversary of his parents.

A pier is dedicated to mark the anniversary.


Who are matriarch and patriarch of the Rayburn family?

Although Sally and Robert have a turbulent relationship up until his death, both put family first.


Who is responsible for Robert’s death?

Their dysfunctional relationship leads to Robert having mini-strokes and eventually leads to his death.


Who plays Robert Rayburn?

Sam is well-known for his role as Chuck Yeager in the movie ‘The Right Stuff.’


Who plays Sally Rayburn?

Sissy shot to fame as Carrie in the 1976 movie version of Stephen King’s horror classic, ‘Carrie.’


“We’re not bad people, but we did a bad thing,” is stated by whom?

John is supposed to be the most morally-centered of the Rayburn siblings.


What does John Rayburn do for a living?

He is detective and deputy sheriff in the Monroe County Sheriff's Department.


Other than alcohol, what is Kevin’s drug of choice?

Kevin keeps part of Danny’s stolen cocaine haul for himself. When he’s in an accident, a small bag of coke is found in his vehicle, and he must go to rehab as part of his probation.


What is the name of Kevin’s Marina?

Many marine scenes are filmed at Robbie’s of Islamorada.


Who is Danny’s local partner in crime?

Eric is played by Jamie McShane, who can be seen as Captain Colt in ‘The Meanest Man in Texas.’


What does Meg do for a living?

Meg ditches the family drama to take a job at a prestigious law firm in NYC, only to get sucked back into the family drama.


What happens when Danny and John are at Long Key State Park at the beach?

John snaps after Danny makes a veiled threat against the family and John drowns him in the ocean.


Who plays John Rayburn?

Kyle first shot to fame in the TV series, ‘Homefront.’


What is Danny’s favorite watering hole?

Since 1963, The Caribbean Club has been a popular Key Largo fixture.


When Danny takes John’s daughter, Jane, boating, what does he give her?

It is a creepy present, as the necklace is the same as the one that belonged to John/Danny’s sister Sarah.


What happened to Sarah Rayburn?

Sarah was out with Danny on the boat when her arm got stuck between some coral when she was reaching for her dropped seahorse necklace, holding her down until she drowned.


Who buys the marina from Kevin?

Roy Gilbert is played by Beau Bridges who is the son of world-renowned actor Lloyd Bridges and older brother to famed actor Jeff Bridges.


Who is the drug dealer that Kevin ripped off?

Wayne Lowry is played by Glenn Morshower, who also played Secret Service against Aaron Pierce on ’24.’


Before Danny helped Lowry with running drugs, what did he help Lowry move?

Wayne Lowry is not only a drug dealer but a human trafficker.


Sally first hires P.I. Lenny Potts to investigate what?

After investigating Danny’s death, Sally has him investigate her children who she knows are lying to her.


Whose heart does Meg break?

After all, he does for her, she dumps him, and he never gets over it.


What city is Danny’s home and failed restaurant located?

Danny’s restaurant burned down. No one knows if it was Danny or the mob.


What does Eric O’Bannon’s sister, Chelsea, do for a living?

Chelsea uses her nursing skills to take care of her ailing mother.


Which of Danny’s friends stalk the Rayburn family?

Ozzy is played by John Leguizamo, who also voices Sid in the ‘Ice Age’ films.


Who is Marco getting an immunity deal?

Eric promises to turn on the Rayburn family and has proof of John murdering Danny.


Who is Evangeline?

Danny is Nolan’s father and until his death was involved in Nolan’s life.


Who turns against John?

The siblings could no longer take the lies and the deceit behind Danny’s death. After all, THEY didn’t kill him.


Who does Kevin murder?

Kevin panics in the last episode of season two and hits Marco with a dolphin statue.


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