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"Grey's Anatomy" has been airing on ABC since 2005. The show's name is a play on "Gray's Anatomy," a famous human anatomy textbook. Throughout its run, the show has won Primetime Emmy Awards, Golden Globe Awards and Screen Actors Guild Awards, and it is one of the network's highest-rated shows. It's full of laughs in the midst of sad and dark moments that notoriously require viewers to have a box of tissues nearby. 

The show is centered around Dr. Meredith Grey, who wants to step out of the shadow of her mother's medical success and make a name for herself. It also focuses on the lives of the other interns, residents and attending physicians at the hospital, who try to balance their careers and personal lives. 

How much do you really know about "Grey's Anatomy"? Did you just hop on the bandwagon or were you one of the original fans? Do you remember how Dr. Derek Shepherd died or who left Dr. Christina Yang at the altar? Let's see how well you know one of the most popular shows on television by taking this quiz!

Before it's renamed Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital, what's the name of the hospital?

It was named Seattle Grace Mercy West Hospital.


Who dies as a result of the plane crash at the end of season eight?

Mark Sloan dies from his injuries after the rescue. Lexie is crushed under debris and dies from a hemothorax while Mark holds her hand.


What secret does April keep from Jackson when they sign their divorce papers?

It's her second pregnancy that April hides. Before she had Harriet, she gave birth to Samuel. He was born with osteogenesis imperfecta type II and died shortly after birth.


Who leaves Cristina at the altar?

Burke decided not to marry Cristina because he realized he was trying to make Cristina into the woman he wanted, not the woman she truly is.


Which doctor does Meredith blame for Derek’s death?

After the car accident, Penelope made missteps with Derek's treatment. He was pronounced brain dead and Meredith had to take him off life support.


Who's hit by a bus in season five?

George was hit by the bus after he pushed a woman out of harm's way.


Why do Callie and Arizona go to court after their divorce?

When the trial concluded Arizona was awarded full custody, but eventually they worked out a schedule so they both could spend time with her.


Who are Meredith’s three half-sisters?

Thatcher Grey is the father of Meredith, Lexie and Molly. Maggie is Ellis' daughter. Meredith's mom gave her up for adoption after an unplanned pregnancy with Dr. Richard Webber.


Why doesn’t Jo accept Alex’s marriage proposal?

Jo is drunk when she reveals her secret to Andrew DeLuca. Her first husband was abusive and she was afraid to divorce him since that would lead him to find her. She and Alex eventually marry.


Where did Meredith meet Derek for the first time?

It's the bar that's right by the hospital where doctors grab a drink after work. Meredith meets Derek the day before she realizes he's a doctor at the hospital where she's working.


Whose nickname is “The Nazi?”

Bailey earns that nickname from her colleagues because of her fierce personality and blunt attitude.


Who is Meredith’s “person” after Cristina leaves the show?

Played by Justin Chambers, Karev is one of the original five interns. He was originally seen as a frat boy type but slowly unveiled a softer side.


What country is Zola Grey Shepherd from?

Zola was adopted by Meredith Grey and Derek Shepherd after she arrived at the hospital with spina bifida.


"Grey’s Anatomy" was created by _________.

Shonda Rhimes created "Grey's Anatomy."


Who are Sofia’s biological parents?

Callie and Mark hooked up after Arizona left Callie to work in Malawi.


Who elopes to Las Vegas in season three?

They eventually get divorced.


Which surgical intern does Dr. Pierce have an affair with?

He became uncomfortable when they went public since she was an attending and consequently ended the relationship.


Which of these is a "Grey’s Anatomy" spin-off?

"Private Practice" ran on ABC from 2007 – 2013. It followed the life of Dr. Addison Montgomery (Kate Walsh) after she leaves Seattle Grace Hospital in order to join a private practice in LA.


Why does Owen hate Riggs?

His sister died in a helicopter crash.


Who does Cristina give her share of the board to?

Alex and Bailey battle over who should fill Cristina's board seat.


Who delivers April’s second baby?

He does an emergency C-section at Meredith’s house with no anesthesia.


What is the adoptive name of Izzie’s daughter?

Eleven-year-old Hannah has leukemia in season two, and her parents come to the hospital asking for Izzie to donate bone marrow. She's hesitant at first but donates in the end, only catching a glimpse of her daughter. Izzie had named her Sarah.


Who purchases Derek’s Airstream?

Owen eventually sells it after purchasing a house.


Who does Jackson leave for April?

Stephanie attended April's wedding with Jackson. During the ceremony, Jackson stood up and confessed his love for April.


When Amelia leaves her wedding, what does she do with Meredith and Maggie?

This is after Amelia runs away from the church when she isn't sure about marrying Owen.


Who does Edwards fall in love with that dies during brain surgery?

Kyle Diaz is played by Wilmer Valderrama. He flirted with Dr. Stephanie Edwards during his hospitalization but developed meningitis and died in the OR.


Who guest stars as a surgeon looking to recruit Arizona for her fellowship?

Geena Davis portrays Nicole Herman. She's stern and hard to please when mentoring Arizona.


Why does Dr. Blake move to NYC?

Dr. Blake moves to NYC on her own, leaving Callie in Seattle after receiving the Preminger Grant, which is a funded year of residential research at the Preminger Research Center.


How many episodes are in season one?

"Grey’s Anatomy" was a mid-season replacement, so there are only nine episodes in the first season.


How did Dr. Heather Brooks die?

Dr. Brooks dies before she finished her internship.


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