Tell Us About Your Truck Accessories and We’ll Guess What Dip You Use

By: Patrick Hyde
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About This Quiz

While not every truck owner dips and not every dipper owns a truck, there is a healthy middle in the Venn diagram between the two groups. And truck owners have plenty of accessories to choose from to really make their ride their own. Can your choice in truck accessories reveal something about the dip you are packing? For starters, their are options to upgrade the interior, exterior and what happens under the hood of a truck. Are you the kind of driver who is looking for pure performance to maximize your work vehicle with little consideration to aesthetic flairs? Or is your truck a luxury mode of transportation that needs to look nice and impress the town when you roll down Main Street? 

This quiz will give you a laundry list of potential truck accessories and customizations. Whether you already made the upgrade or are daydreaming about doing so one day, choose the option that best fits you and we will tie it in to your favorite can. Do you have a huge lift kit to go off-roading? What about after-market lighting to cut through the dark? So pack a lip, think on your truck, and find out!

What best describes your rims?

What was the first accessory you upgraded on your truck?

How much lift have you put on your truck?

Do you prefer a nice bumper or a big grill?

What lighting mod would you add to your truck?

What kind of headlights illuminate the path for you?

Which of the following interior customization would you choose for a nicer ride?

What are your brakes looking like?

What changes did you make to your exhaust?

What are your thoughts on lowering kits?

What safety equipment have you purchased for your truck?

City boy or desert roamer. Have you modified your truck for off-roading?

Let's talk towing. Does your truck have a winch?

Trucks are getting high tech these days. What is the fanciest piece of technology in your truck?

Truck's gotta look good. What cosmetic accessory are you most proud of?

If you are jamming out, what kind of sound-system do you rock?

Do you have a Tonneau cover on your truck bed?

What cargo is most often found in your truck bed?

Are you the kind of truck owner to add custom mudflaps?

How do you keep the sun out of your eyes?

When you're stepping into your cabin, do you have an accessory to help you in?

To keep it clean, what kind of floor mats are in your truck?

What kind of seat covers are in your truck?

What performance-enhancing engine parts are under the hood?

To keep your cargo secure, what accessory would you use?

What truck accessory do you find tacky that you would never add?

How much pickup do you have? Would you add a performance chip for better throttle response?

What's more important: good suspension or a powerful engine?

Are you still rocking your truck's original paint job?

Do you have a custom license plate?

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