Tell Us Your Opinions About These Mythological Figures and We'll Guess Which Goddess You Are

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Greek mythology is chock-full of intriguing stories, to say the least. OK, let's be honest; they're downright controversial. Even in this modern day, the relationships and events portrayed in these stories can shock and surprise those who read them. This body of work contains many themes tagged as taboo in ancient times. There's sex, incest, rape, murder, castration, abductions and other unspeakable acts. Yes, they're still taboo, but we can dissect these issues properly now, at least. 

Based on these topics, it's safe to assume that even the minor characters in these tales may have something to say about the major players for sure. Ever wonder what the family or friends of Zeus' lovers said about this philandering god? People are powerless compared to these deities, sure. But that doesn't make mortal opinions invalid.

What about the other major characters? Ever wonder how they felt about specific events? We're sure they also have an opinion or two. Think of how the primordial beings felt horrified when the Titans took over in the brutal way they did. And that war waged by the Olympians against their own predecessors was something else. That's what the Titanomachy was all about. Talk about family drama! 

Want to join the fray? Fit in as one of the goddesses. We'll drop some opinion and info about specific mythical figures and tell us what you think. We'll then see, based on your opinion, which goddess you're echoing, personality-wise. Come on; this one's truly fun!

That Zeus guy is such a hunk, right?

Ares is cuter when he's not angry, methinks. What say you?

Ooh, I'd like to run away to the underworld with Hades, too! You?

As goddess is my witness, you'll never go hungry with Demeter. Am I right?

I'd take Dionysus out for a drink anytime, baby! Cool with you?

Apollo's so spot on with those oracles. Agree?

That Hermes sure is fast with those winged sandals! Want to run with him?

Eros can hit me anytime with that love arrow, you know. Do you have the same aim?

Picking Poseidon for a date is precious to me! Do you agree?

Hephaestus can forge the best weapons ever! Do you know this fact?

Titans like Kronos should also get their share of the limelight. Right?

I feel for Prometheus. That eternal punishment isn't fair, you know?

Anyone can make mistakes like Pandora. Can you forgive her?

Ooh, can I "belabor" Heracles sometime, too? Get it? Get it?

It's a challenge to pry Narcissus out of that pond reflection, girl. Yeah?

Helen of Troy surely knows how to "start" a war, you think?

Never be as ambitious as that Icarus guy, right?

Can I be the one to tell Achilles to protect his heels, pretty please?

There's a way around King Midas' touch, I know. Dare to find out?

Despite her flaws, Medusa can be a good BFF, I think. Am I right?

Pegasus is quite the useful pet, isn't he?

The Nine Muses do amuse me much, it's true. How about you?

I'm tempted to whisper a name to the Three Fates from time to time. Do you know what I mean? Wink, wink!

Oh, poor Oedipus. Shall I intervene to prevent him from enacting his destiny?

Play it, Orpheus, play that lyre. Any requests?

Don't be bullheaded with that Minotaur, OK?

I wouldn't mind being friends with the queen of the underworld. Any Persephone fans out there?

Ha! That Sisyphus got what he deserved. Right?

Tantalus needs to suffer for being arrogant, don't you think?

Can I be an Argonaut so I can sail off with Jason, too?

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