Tell Us About Your Night at the Disco and We'll Guess Which '70s One-Hit Wonder You Are!

By: Brian Whitney
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Ahh, disco. Has there anything been like it before? The 60s were a time of cultural growth and the sexual revolution, and what came out of all of that in the 70s? Disco, that's what. Platform boots, bell bottoms, feathered hair and people hooking up at alarming rates. 

Some bands, like the Bee Gees, hit the disco era hard and became even bigger stars than they were before, but a lot of other groups came along and had a huge hit, and then faded away into obscurity.

Nights at the disco were pretty wild, all sorts of stuff were going on, and your parents wouldn't have thought that any of it was good. Knowing you, your night at the disco would have been filled with a lot of fun, and probably would have lasted all night long, and along the way, we bet you had a lot of adventures. 

You can tell us about them; it's okay, we won't let anyone know what you did. And if you do, we can tell you what 70's one hit wonder you are. So go ahead and play that funky music; if you do, it's a pretty good bet you will survive this quiz. 

Did you have a great time?

Did you dance all night?

Did you get into any fights?

Did you crack a lot of people up?

Was there a mirrored dance floor?

Were you just getting over a breakup?

Was Grace Jones there?

What did you do when "Stayin' Alive" came on?

Did you dance with any old people?

Did you hook up at the end of the night?

How wasted did you get?

Were you movin' to the groovin'?

Did you wear a costume of some sort?

How high were your socks?

Are you good at roundhouse kicks?

How much did you sweat?

Did you dance down on the floor?

Did you do any drugs?

How many cigarettes did you smoke?

Did anyone buy you a drink?

Did you make friends with the DJ?

How late did you stay out?

Did you get kicked out?

Do you like The Village People?

Did you lock eyes with anyone?

Did people gather to watch you dance?

Did you grind up against anyone?

How many drinks did you have?

Do you think ducks are hilarious?

Who is your favorite Gibb brother?

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