Tell Us Your Most Spoiled Diva Demands and We'll Guess Your Greatest Fear

By: Zoe Samuel
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Hollywood is replete with stories of stars making ridiculous demands, from particular flowers in their dressing rooms to nobody on set ever looking them in the eye. Some of these demands are actually quite reasonable - for example, a quiet space to reflect in may genuinely assist an actor's ability to get into character. Some, however, are allegedly a joke, like the famous story about removing all the brown M&Ms. It's OK for stars to make requests, of course; what they do is hard work and if a few little reminders of home or luxuries makes them feel good, then that's not much to ask given that the fans expect them to be at their best. However, how they react when their demands aren't met is where a line can be crossed, with tales of tantrums and even refusing to take the stage!

Of course, most of us will never be a star who can make diva demands and expect someone to cater to them. If we want fancy sheets or the right snacks on demand, we have to organize it ourselves. However, it's fun and actually quite instructive to imagine what we'd demand if the opportunity arose. After all, if you feel the need to control every little thing around you, perhaps that speaks to a fear that people won't respect you. If you need a huge entourage with you at all times, maybe you fear losing your BFFs. If you need your equipment and space to be just so, perhaps you're afraid of under-performing. If you fuss about your presentation, maybe you're not sure about your looks. Whatever your diva demands, they have a message for you - and this quiz can help you figure out what it is!

What's your ridiculous candy demand?

How many times will you change your mind about how you want your vegan steak cooked?

If the feng shui is bad, how long can you stay in the room?

What temperature should your bedroom be?

What view is acceptable from the window?

How big is your minimum entourage?

What flavor should your water be?

What must your dressing room smell like?

What type of limousine is the only acceptable kind?

What's the smallest private jet in which you will fly?

What five star hotel in Los Angeles would you absolutely refuse to stay in?

Where will you not tour because of the food?

How far apart must your suite be from that of any other hotel guest?

What fitness equipment must be in your on-set trailer?

How long do you need for hair and makeup?

What is the maximum acceptable time between you asking for a coffee and getting one?

What sort of spiritual adviser do you bring with you when you travel?

What sentimental item must be kept backstage at all times?

If some upstart looks you in the eye on set, for how long will you be too upset to perform?

What is the worst crime for which you expect to be completely let off?

What object must you have on hand to throw at your assistant?

What revenge must your manager take on a tabloid that publishes an unflattering photo of you?

How many full time personal assistants do you need?

What's the smallest number of carats in an acceptable diamond necklace?

What is the lowest thread count on which you can get a good night's sleep?

You're planning a nice little feud - but it has to be with someone worthy of your time. Who might that be?

What dollar figure is worth getting out of bed for?

Which award would you not show up to receive in person unless they paid you?

What staff member would you insist on bringing with you on all press junkets?

What could be missing that would force you to cancel a show?

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