Tell Us Your Food Preferences and We'll Tell You Which NYC Borough You Belong In!

Mark Lichtenstein

About This Quiz

Just like food preferences, accents, style, and education only say so much. New York City may only be a few square miles, but it contains people from all over the world. Let's see how your tastes will influence where you should live in NYC!

How fixated on your tastes are you?

Do you get to know the folks who work at your favorite restaurants?

How much variety do you demand when you dine out?

What level of quality do you expect when you dine out?

How often do you dine out alone?

How often do you dine out with friends?

How often do you dine out with work colleagues or clients?

How important is restaurant decor to you?

How much do you like Italian food?

How much do you like Jewish food?

How much do you like Chinese food?

How much do you like Japanese food?

How much do you like Thai food?

How much do you like pizza?

How gourmet are you?

Are you a good cook?

Do you cook any East Asian foods?

How much do you cook?

Do you like to cook fancy foods?

Do you cook for others or just yourself?

Do you bake?

How important to your cooking is the quality of the ingredients?

Do you have a cooking specialty?

Is there a dish you like, which you don't cook, but would like to?

Do you ever host parties at home?

Are you proud of your cooking?

Given the choice of bringing food or wine, would you bring food you cooked to someone else's party?

If you went on a vacation to sample the food, where would you go?

What cuisine do you absolutely hate?

Are you one to follow food fads?

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