Tell Us What You Would Do for a Klondike Bar and We'll Guess How Much of a Risk-Taker You Are

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A Klondike bar is a sweet ice cream dessert that consists of vanilla and chocolate flavors. Such a dessert can easily be bought at many supermarkets around the world, but that would be no fun, right? Instead, we're throwing a bunch of risky dares at you to see what you would do for such a sweet treat! Show us your adventurous side so we can assess how much of a risk-taker you really are!

Let's give you a few warm-ups to help prepare you for this quiz. Would you attempt to cage dive with sharks? Or how about ride a wild bull? Would you eat certain types of disgusting foods, like maggots, for a Klondike bar? If you're a very risky person, you might even consider climbing Mount Everest, bungee jumping or attempting to wing walk for a Klondike bar! And if you have no interest or regard for your current job, you may even think about annoying your boss and coworkers for a Klondike bar. The real questions is, would you put your life on the line for a Klondike bar? If "fearless" is a word that describes you, then this risky quiz is the perfect fit for your personality. So say no more ... show us who you really are with some daring activities!

Someone offers you three Klondike bars to quit your current job. Does this sound like a good offer to you?

Would you drive past a police officer at 100 mph for a Klondike bar?

Imagine leaving the love of your life to live in a candy land of Klondike bars. Is this a dream worth living?

For one Klondike bar, you have to call your boss and start barking like a dog. Is this a surefire way to lose your job?

You have to give up all of the food in your house for a single Klondike bar. Is this a good trade-off?

For an entire month, you are not allowed to step outside your house, but you will be rewarded with a Klondike bar. How do you feel about this?

Do you have the courage to kiss a slimy frog for a Klondike bar?

Would you order a meal at McDonald's in a terrible Australian accent for a Klondike bar?

You must hold your breath for 2 minutes for a Klondike bar. Is this something that you can easily do?

For each random stranger that you hug, you will earn a Klondike bar. Is this the kind of love that you want to spread to the world?

Your friend dares you to eat a raw egg for a Klondike bar. Is this dare worth the risk?

For two Klondike bars, you must take an ice-cold shower for exactly 5 minutes. Can you endure this type of cold?

Do you think you could hold a tarantula in your hands for 60 seconds for a Klondike bar?

With a Klondike bar on the line, you are not allowed to brush your teeth for an entire week. Does this sound too gross to you?

Imagine not using your phone for two weeks straight for two Klondike bars. Is this a challenge worth accepting?

You must fast for 24 hours from all foods and beverages, except for water. Would you do this for a Klondike bar on the 25th hour?

Let's say that it's 100°F outside today. Would you dress in sweatpants, two sweaters, a trench coat and fuzzy socks for a Klondike bar?

Would you attempt to drive a motorcycle on the freeway for a Klondike bar?

You have to get both of your eyebrows pierced for a single Klondike bar. Does this situation call for 2 klondike bars?

Pretend that you see your favorite celebrity nearby. Would you go up to them and say "I love you" for a Klondike bar?

Your boss is offering you a Klondike bar for working an extra hour every day. What are you going to say to them?

For one Klondike bar, you must walk up to your crush and sing "I Will Always Love You" by Whitney Houston. Do you think this is a good way to score a date with them?

Imagine chugging a half gallon of milk for a Klondike bar. Is this kind of stomach ache worth such a sweet treat?

You must imitate one of these animals in front of your distant relatives for one Klondike bar. Which animal will you choose?

Would you go to work in your pajamas for a Klondike bar?

Your friend wants to film you dancing like a chicken for a Klondike bar. Do you trust your own dance skills?

If you can do 100 sit-ups in under a minute, you'll earn a Klondike bar. Are you up for the challenge?

You have to eat 1 whole jalapeño pepper for a Klondike bar. Is this dessert a good way to cool off afterward?

Which of these extreme sports would you attempt for a Klondike bar?

You must let one of your enemies do your makeup, take a picture of you and post it all over social media. Is this really worth a Klondike bar?

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