Tell Us What Was In Your Locker in High School and We'll Guess Your College Major

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We tend to surround ourselves with things we love, and they totally give us away! If you'll tell us how you filled your locker, we'll guess what you studied in college. Go for it!

Would you say your high school locker was organized?

Did you keep a calendar in your locker?

Who were you most likely to have a photo of?

What extra school supply did you keep in your locker?

Did you keep any medicine cabinet items in your locker?

Did you keep extra clothes around?

What device did you keep in your locker?

Did you have any pictures in your locker?

Did you store your backpack in your locker or carry it around?

Did you use sticky notes to remind yourself of things?

Did you have anything from a school sports team in your locker?

How many times a day did you go to your locker?

Which one of your classes took up the most room in your locker?

Did you stash anything in your locker you weren't supposed to have?

What kind of lock kept your locker secure?

Did you ever have to share a locker?

Where did you store your house keys?

Did you keep makeup in your locker?

What would you have stored for your best friend?

Which word describes your locker decorating style?

Did you spend a lot of time decorating your locker?

Did you have a way to leave yourself messages in your locker?

Did you have a mirror in your locker?

Did your locker have a cubby hole?

How many jackets did you store in your locker?

Did you keep extra socks in your locker?

Do you keep any snacks in your locker?

Which band's poster might you have hung in your locker?

Did you keep your laptop in your locker?

Would you have had a picture of your mom in your locker?

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