Tell Us What Food You Like and We'll Tell You Where You Should Travel To

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Food is a central part of a person's very existence. It provides nutrients and the necessary energy to function. Beyond biological functions, food also gives us a reason to socialize. Whether its a family function celebrating the most recent holiday, or a dinner out with friends for someone's birthday, food brings us together. 

What a person chooses to eat can say a lot about an individual and their preferences beyond food. From breakfast to lunch and dinner, and every meal in between, we can learn a lot about a person based on their favorite foods. What if you could use that information to figure out where you should go on your next vacation? That's exactly what this quiz is for! 

Peruse the thirty questions in this quiz to find out what your next travel destination should be! Will your love of pasta translate to a one-way ticket to Italy? Or perhaps your enjoyment of empanadas will lead you to Mexico? Better yet, maybe your favoritism towards sushi will bring you to the exotic lands of Japan. Wherever you end up, there's bound to be great food! Before you start packing, take this quiz to find out where you're going next!

What's your go-to addition to macaroni and cheese?

What snack do you always pack in your carry-on?

What appetizer sounds most appealing?

Of the following, which food is your favorite breakfast item?

Of the options listed, what matters most to you when it comes to food?

Which strange sounding food item sounds most intriguing?

When it comes to strange food options, how open to trying them are you?

Which location would you most like to travel to?

What's your favorite part about summer?

What dessert would you dive into first?

What's your favorite comfort food out of the ones listed?

Of those listed, what is your preferred condiment?

You stop for a drink at a pub, what do you order?

What's your protein preference, based on the four listed?

When stopping at the local ice cream truck, what do you get?

Of the following, which one is your preferred salad topping?

What's your favorite movie theater snack?

You're at a holiday dinner, what's the side that you take seconds of?

You drive through a popular fast food restaurant, what do you order?

What dessert are you going to bring to the work potluck?

Which of the following would you be most likely to try?

Which restaurant would you visit first?

Which dietary restriction do you follow?

What healthy snack would you grab first?

Of the following, which yogurt flavor would you most enjoy?

Which kind of soup would you grab first on a cold day?

Which flavor of ice cream are you going for first?

What are you most likely to put on your bagel?

After a long time abroad, which fast food joint is first on our places to visit once you get home?

What kind of pizza are you most likely to order?

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