Tell Us If You've Eaten These Foods and We'll Guess If You're a Millennial

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Society is continually growing and evolving when it comes to technology, fashion, cars, and of course, food trends. And today, we're going to explore a variety of popular food trends that you may or may not have tried before!

If you're a fan of avocados and ice cream, then why not blend the two to make some avocado ice cream? While the taste is a bit more savory than most types of ice cream flavors (like chocolate or vanilla), many people enjoy the creamy texture and subtle nutty flavor.

Another popular food trend is coconut oil, especially with the rise of keto diets (which include low carb foods and foods that are high in fat). Some love to spread some coconut oil on top of toast, while others love to substitute it for vegetable oil and olive oil due to its high smoke point. But if you're not a fan of eating it, you can always moisturize your skin and hair with a small amount of this lightly-scented oil. So whether or not you would use the word "foodie" to describe your trendy food preferences, take our yummy quiz to find out if you're really a millennial!

Forget potato chips, because you definitely like to snack on veggie chips, right?

On a scale of 1-10 (with 10 being the highest), how delicious is that unicorn frappuccino at Starbucks?

Is charcoal water a waste of money or is there some truth behind its health benefits?

You could have regular hot tea, or you could indulge in the fermented tea known as kombucha. Which would you choose?

Matcha cookies, matcha lattes, matcha cakes ... is there just too much matcha in this world?

Why order a bunch of random sushi rolls when you could have a delicious bowl of poke, right?

Scooped ice cream is a thing of the past and rolled ice cream is the shining sun of our future. Do you agree with this statement?

When the fall season rolls around, do you jump on the pumpkin spice train?

Cauliflower rice is great for low-carb diets, but how much do you like this type of "rice"?

We're treating you to some doughnuts for this evening! Which of these flavors will you order?

Many people love coffee for the taste and for the energy boost. Which of these coffees helps to keep you alert for the day?

There's no point in drinking smoothies anymore when you can just eat a smoothie bowl for lunch! Are we right or wrong?

You could make some oatmeal in the morning, but a faster alternative would be to make some overnight oats the night before. Which would you prefer?

Who doesn't love to eat out, right? What time of day is best for dining at a restaurant?

Is avocado toast an abomination in the culinary world or is there some genius behind this easy recipe?

If you were going to make some spaghetti for dinner, would you rather use regular pasta noodles or some healthy zoodles?

When it comes to your water preferences, do you prefer regular water or flavored sparkling water?

Does turmeric actually belong in a latte or should it only be reserved for savory meals?

Is the following statement true or false? Your last meal on Earth would be a colorful rainbow grilled cheese sandwich.

If you don't eat meat, jackfruit can serve as a great substitute for pulled pork! But ... should this be allowed?

If someone paid you $10,000 to only eat quinoa for one year straight, would you accept this offer?

Why go through the trouble of making regular eggs for breakfast when you could bake some cloud eggs, right?

There's chocolate, vanilla and strawberry ice cream, and then there's black ice cream. Do we hear a "hooray" from you?

Forget burger buns, because some restaurants use ramen noodles to hold burger patties in place! Is this something that you would want to try?

Lettuce wraps and low-carb diets go together like peanut butter and jelly, but are you a fan of lettuce wraps?

Did you know that you can combine sushi and burritos together to make a sushi burrito?

Does a cocktail really taste better in a mason jar or is a regular cocktail glass OK with you?

When you hear the phrase "craft beer," does your heart suddenly become filled with joy or dread?

Are you the type of person who prefers frozen yogurt over ice cream, or are you more old-fashioned with your dessert preferences?

Do you think that chia seed pudding deserves its "pudding" title or is it a culprit in disguise?

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