Tell Us About Your TV Preferences and We'll Guess How Many People You've Kissed!

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It's a typical day at the office: You arrived on time, your emails are all answered and there is nothing else to do but to wait. But the good news is that the day is half over, so you get up, go to your friend's cube and talk about what really needs to be discussed: whatever newest television show you and your office bestie are bingeing on at the moment.  

Discussions of television shows between fans can wind their ways from what a character's drive is to what kind of relationships they form.  And if you happen to be a romantic, selecting the perfect mate for your fictitious friend becomes a quest that lives beyond the few moments you spend in front of the boob tube. If there is more than one romantic partner, prepare to have long conversations about how each potential mate stacks up as well as the fallouts that will occur when the couple eventually hooks up. And every hookup, whether it is an explosive one-night fling or the start of a journey of a lifetime of love, starts with a kiss.  

So whether you tune into a steamy drama or a quirky comedy, we're betting we can guess how many people you've kissed based on your tastes in television. Wanna see if we're right? Take the quiz!

During the 1980s, "The Golden Girls" told it like it was with wit and style. Out of the four ladies, who would you want to have tea with?

How do you feel about television shows that have holiday episodes?

Have you ever watched a daytime soap opera?

Set your mixers on high and your blenders to puree it's time to cook! Which of these shows makes your mouth water the most?

Pucker up, Buttercup! Which of these dating shows makes you swoon?

"The Big Bang Theory" helped make the nerd culture a little less foreign. What character on "The Big Bang Theory" would you want as a science lab partner?

Each of these animated families is different in attitudes as well as animations. Which of these cartoons would you want to be drawn into?

Vampires and zombies and ghosts oh my! What supernatural themed show scares you the most?

If you were on "The Walking Dead," who would you want to have your back?

Let's take a trip to Star's Hollow. Who are you here to visit?

You just had a nasty accident and have to have surgery in one of these television show's hospitals. What medical team are you hoping to have?

Each of the television shows listed below can be considered part of the foundations of the shows we watch today. Which of them have you seen?

As one of the most critically acclaimed yet unwatched shows, "Arrested Development" gave us many different characters. Which of these crazy characters would you date?

Which witch is better: "Sabrina the Teenage Witch" or "The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina"?

Break out your dancing shoes! What dancing show would you use to teach yourself how to dance?

Even if you don't watch reality television, you have to admit some of the prizes are pretty sweet. What show's prize do you think you have the best shot of winning?

What game show do you think you'd have the most fun participating in?

Have you watched any of the Victoria's Secret Fashion Shows?

Even though there's a hint of mystery about it, "Riverdale" is all about being a teen. Who would you like to drink a milkshake with?

What is the best part of the Super Bowl?

For many of us, "Sesame Street" is one of the first shows that we watch. Which of the residents on Sesame Street is your favorite?

Ready to throw the books at some criminals? What crime drama do you find to be the most intense?

Were you on Team Seinfeld or Team Friends?

Grab your tights and capes, it's time to fly! Which Arrowverse hero would you like to see save the day?

Want to live dangerously? Grab your bags and visit Hell's Kitchen on the weekend. Which of these Netflix superheroes would you want to be your tour guide?

Whether you vote red or blue, you have to admit political dramas can be pretty intense. Out of the shows below, what drama had you on the edge of your seat the most?

Time to head out for a little fun by playing some pub trivia! What barfly from "Cheers" is on team?

Question reality? So do many of the characters on science fiction shows. What science fiction show would you want to live in?

It's time to pull on your corset or wear your frilliest Elizabethan collar. What historic drama's wardrobe would you want to wear for a day?

Not all reality shows have to be ugly. What fashion industry based show would you like to participate in?

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