Tell Us About Your Style and We'll Guess How Many Piercings You Have

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Figuring out your own style can be such a wild ride. Some things will change entirely — like what you wore in elementary school — and some things will remain the same, like the core colors you enjoy wearing. Navigating through all of the changing trends, ideal body type and old-school styles making a comeback can make it so hard for you to really discover your own style. Then again, it can also be exhilarating because you open yourself up to so many more options when you go shopping.

You know what else is part of your style? The ways you choose to accessorize the clothes you put on your body. We're talking jewelry — pierced jewelry, to be exact. Getting your first piercing is like your first taste of adulthood. (Minus any piercings your parents gave you when you were young.) Whether it was an earlobe piercing, nose piercing or something you wanted to hide from your parents, your piercings are part of you. How many do you have? Wait, don't tell us! Sit down, prepare yourself and take this style quiz, and we'll see if we can figure it out!

What was the best part of clothes when you were a kid?

These days, which color you wear the most often?

Do you look to anyone in specific for style tips?

Would you ever wear a tie?

What's a staple in your summer wardrobe?

On an average day, what could your style be described as?

Do you think you inspire anyone else's style?

If you had to shop in your mom's closet, what item would you take?

When you need to spruce up your wardrobe, where are you heading to first?

Would you consider your style unique?

What's the thing you love the most about your style?

Do you see your style evolving in the future?

Is it hard to find clothes that fit you?

What compliment do you hear most often about your style?

Is shopping fun for you?

Do you think athleisure has a place in the style world?

What is your pajama style like?

When you need to spruce up an outfit, what one thing really does the trick?

How important are shoes to completing outfits?

If you could change one thing about your style, what would it be?

Does the style of your home decor match your overall style?

Is your work style different than your everyday style?

Do you look forward to sweater weather?

Does your style change depending on the season?

What word would you use to describe your jewelry style?

Do you like your style to make a statement?

Which decade had the absolute best style?

What would you wear to a summer barbecue?

Which celebrity has the best style, in your opinion?

If you had to pick one thing to stay in your wardrobe forever, what would it be?

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