Tell Us About Your Personality and We'll Guess Which Harry Potter Tattoo Is Right for You

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The world of Harry Potter is one that will never die and with the recent release of "Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald," fans of the show have been reinvigorated in their love for the magical world that J. K. Rowling created. This movie's release will prompt increased sales in Harry Potter merchandise, more visitors to its theme parks around the globe, and of course, an influx of customers for tattoo artists who now have to recreate these magical people, creatures, objects and words on the skin. If you're one of those who will be in line to get a new tattoo, just what will you get?

Well, if you're a true fan, and we think you might be, you'll be conflicted at one point or another on what to get. Should you get the face of the bravest house-elf in the world on your arm? Or should you go with the Hogwarts house you've been sorted into? So many options could really drive one crazy, so we're going to take that stress out of your hands. Come tell us a bit about you, and we'll tell you which Harry Potter tattoo you should get. 

Let's talk Harry Potter. Which Hogwarts house would you say you're in?

What pet would you bring into the castle?

Which class would you excel at?

Which teacher are you dreading meeting?

Who would be your closest friend?

What position on the Quidditch team would you want?

Which of the hallows would you want to own?

Is Hogwarts really the best magical school there is?

Which of these Hogwarts adventures was the most dangerous?

How big of a Harry Potter fan are you?

Tattoo time! How many do you already have?

How big do you want to go this time?

About how long can you sit for?

What spot do you have reserved for this one?

What style are you most drawn to?

Enough about tattoos and Harry Potter, tell us about you. Which of these words would your friends say describes you best?

How happy are you on mornings?

Which of these drinks makes a regular appearance at your breakfast?

How long do you take to get ready?

What can't you leave your house without?

What do you like doing for fun?

How spontaneous are you?

What's the most boring thing about you?

Who is the closest person to you?

Tell us a bit about your love life. How busy is it right now?

Do you go for the same person?

Has your heart ever been broken?

What's the best thing about love?

How happy are you right now?

Which of these goals are you working towards right now?

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