Tell Us About Your Personality and We'll Tell You Which Colors Reflect Your Inner Beauty

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With an uncountable number of colors in the color spectrum, it's impossible to pick a few and say that they accurately represent your inner beauty. Luckily for you, we've created a quiz that will do all the hard work! By the time you finish telling us the intimate details of your personality, we'll know the exact colors that reflect you the best. 

While some personalities are so big and so bold that they need little to accentuate them, others of us can use a little boost to truly show the world what's going on inside. Once you learn about the colors that best reflect your beauty and goodness, you'll be able to choose your wardrobe in an entirely different way. You'll finally be able to show everyone around you what you are like below the surface. 

For centuries, colors have been associated with certain traits that can be directly linked to your personality. After you tell us about your quirks and your strengths, the colors that shroud your inner beauty will be revealed like the gender of a new baby at a party. Your colors will run deeper than blue or pink, but we do think you should know what they are. Are you ready to find out? 

Which of these things do you have in common with a Disney princess?

How would your co-workers describe you outside of the office?

Have you had your heart broken more times than you've broken hearts?

What kind of photos do you post on social media?

When you go shopping, do you splurge or do you budget?

Do you always wear makeup when you leave your house?

Are you the one cracking bad jokes or rolling your eyes?

Which one of these emoji sums up your current mood?

If they created a sandwich in your honor, what would it be called?

Do you hold back or do you say what's on your mind?

How would you rather spend an unplanned day off?

Do you tend to make decisions with your heart or with your head?

What sort of traveler do you think you are - nervous or adventurous?

If we asked your best friend, how would they describe your fashion sense?

When you were in middle school, what kind of student were you?

Would you rather cuddle up to a dog or a cat?

Are you wired for numbers or for creativity?

When you are at a party, what do you usually do?

How do you usually feel after watching the local news?

If you were a member of a wolf pack, what would be your rank?

Which haircare item would you never want to live without?

Would you feel more comfortable at a nude beach or a strip club?

What would your last ex say is your best quality?

Could you take better care of a houseplant or a pet rock?

Are you currently in a relationship or are you still looking?

If you had to be trapped in a store, which one would you choose?

Which of your physical features stands out the most?

Would you ever consider going back to school to make a career change?

Do you believe in the concept of having a soulmate?

Which of these things scares you more than the others?

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