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Does your Zodiac sign cause you to act a certain way or do you act a certain way because of your Zodiac sign? Who really knows? It's like the conversation of what came first, the chicken or the egg? Maybe knowing that you're supposed to take on certain behaviors and react to situations actually causes you to do that instead of just doing what comes naturally. The idea of Zodiac determining actions and personality is disputed widely by groups of people who don't think it could possibly matter what the constellations were like when you were born. To them, horoscopes are something people read as a way to justify something they've done or draw connections that aren't really there.

But come on! It's supposed to be fun. When you read a fortune cookie, do you actually take it to heart? Probably not. But is it fun to crack open the cookie and see what Confucius has to say? You bet! Horoscopes and Zodiac signs are no different than that. For those who take them seriously, they are a way of predicting future happenings and behavior, but for those who take them for what they are, they're fun to read while waiting in line at the food store.

When you read a horoscope, you're most likely reading the one that matches up with your birthday. But what if that sign doesn't match how you really are as a person? Since there's no hard and fast science around it, that's a possibility. So whether you read horoscopes for fun or to give meaning to your life, it's time to determine just which sign you should be reading. Take this personality quiz, and we'll match you with your real Zodiac sign!

Are you someone who finds it easy to make friends without coming off as fake?

Do you get lost in your own thoughts and daydreams?

Would you consider yourself someone who worries a lot when there is seemingly nothing to worry about?

If you were invited to a party, does whether or not you go depend on how many other people are going?

When you look at art, do you feel any kind of connection to it or is it lost on you?

Are "easily angered" words you'd use to describe yourself?

Do you find yourself taking charge in situations that require some kind of leadership?

When you're feeling something, do you let yourself feel it strongly or do you try to reason with yourself?

Which emotion would you say you feel the most often?

Do you always need to be busy or are you OK with downtime?

How bored does the word "routine" make you feel?

Are you the one intimidating people or the one being intimidated?

When you're presented with a complex problem, do you enjoy the chance to solve it?

Do you think you exude joy?

How much do you enjoy being scared by things like horror movies and haunted hay rides?

Is trusting other people easy for you?

Are you a staunch rule follower who's afraid of getting in trouble?

If you have people coming to your home, do you like to make them feel comfortable and welcome?

Would you say you're easy to please?

Do you like being the center of attention when you're with a group of people?

How do you organize the things you need to do during your day?

Can you genuinely say that you like yourself as you are right now?

If there's a task to be done, do you do it right away or do you procrastinate?

Are you capable of doing things without the fear of being judged or are you always conscious of what others will think?

Do you usually jump right to worst case scenario?

Is adventure a big and important part of your life?

Would you rather stay in on the weekends or go out and about?

What kind of traveller are you?

Would you call yourself a people pleaser?

Do you bring a comforting presence to situations?

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