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Piercings aren't just some pretty jewelry that accentuate certain features of your face and/or body. They're also a way of expressing your inner personality, which is exactly what we're going to find out more about with this fun quiz! But not so fast, because we're going to go over a few types of piercings first.

One of the most common types are ear piercings, and this can be categorized into conch, tragus, helix and industrial, among several others. But if you're looking for a more daring approach, there are also navel, eyebrow, lip and even tongue piercings! Before you receive any types of piercings though, it's important to follow proper hygienic guidelines. For starters, it's best to not touch a fresh piercing, especially if it's still in the healing phase. Saline solution also helps to clean the area, but some use mild soap and water as well. 

You'll also have to decide on receiving a piercing via a needle or a gun (depending on what type of piercing it is). While both of these methods certainly have their pros and cons, many piercing enthusiasts swear by the needle method, as it's usually less harmful to the affected area. But enough about the how-to, it's time for you to take our personality quiz so we can determine how many piercings you really have!

If you could change your eye color to one of these beautiful hues, which one would you choose?

Would your friends describe you as a "social butterfly" when it comes to parties and events?

If your personality was like a type of sea creature, which of these would it be?

Let's bottle your personality into a type of fragrance! Which of these are you going to pick?

How would you feel about hiking up a mountain that is 3,000 feet tall?

Let's say that you can only eat one of these foods for the rest of your life. Which one are you going to pick?

Would you give up all of your possessions to be the most beautiful person in the world?

When you look at yourself in the mirror, are you happy with the person that is reflecting back at you?

Do you believe that you will become successful one day or does this seem like a pipe dream?

You just found $1,000 in cash in your mailbox! Are you going to keep it for yourself or investigate where it came from?

You can choose to have either your vision or your hearing heightened for the rest of your life. Which one will you pick?

Would you rather live in 120°F weather or -40°F weather for the rest of your life?

Which of the following do you daydream about the most: your past, present or your future?

Aside from 1,000 words, what else does a picture convey?

If you were lost in a dense forest by yourself, how would you find your way back out?

On a scale of 1-10 (with 10 being the highest), how fast are you with making big decisions in your life?

Are you the type of person who becomes angry very easily or can you control your emotions well?

Would you ever sabotage a coworker to get a job promotion in your line of work?

If you had the power to read the minds of other people, would you view this as more of a blessing or a curse?

Do you give up easily in life or are you the type of person who perseveres no matter what?

When it comes to a big challenge in life, do you approach it with great enthusiasm or with feelings of dread?

Imagine your soul as a fragile diamond that is hidden behind a type of object. Which of these objects is currently guarding your soul?

Do you need makeup, expensive clothes or fancy accessories to feel beautiful in life?

If you wrote an autobiography about your life, how many pages would this particular book be?

Aside from laughter, what else is the best type of medicine in life?

Can you "read" people really well or is this a skill that sounds foreign to you?

Would your friends and family describe you as a clumsy type of person or does this sound like a total lie?

You can either change your name, your appearance or your social circle for just $100 each. Which one will you choose to change?

Let's say that your life is currently in the shape of a compass. What direction is the arrow facing?

Imagine your life as a DVD player. Which of these buttons are you more likely to press?

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