Tell Us About Your Morning Routine and We'll Guess Your Life Expectancy

By: Zoe Samuel
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As Mary Poppins notes, "Well begun is half done." That means that if you start your day properly, thus beginning it well, then you're halfway towards doing a splendid job! It's actually truer than it sounds; if you get off to a running start, you can ensure that the bulk of your habits and choices are good ones, and minimize the portion of the day in which your weaker willpower allows you to sabotage your goals.

The key to a good morning routine is to get in a good breakfast, then figure out what your other priorities are. There are plenty of healthy options here. If you can get in some fresh air and exercise, that's ideal. If you can arrange your commute so that you aren't too stressed out, that's also a great way to boost your health. Taking care of a pet or children can slow you down, but it's also an opportunity for a moment of connection and caring that fills you with positive hormones like dopamine and oxytocin, and lowers the blood pressure.

Is your morning routine setting you up for a good long life, or is it robbing you of both a good day and a good old age? Let's find out!

What time does the alarm go off?

Who's the first person you see?

Do you brush your teeth before you exit the house?

What sort of exercise fills your morning?

Do you look at social media before work?

What's your source of news in the morning?

If they're old enough, do your kids look after their own breakfast and clothing in the mornings?

Are you a morning shower person, or an evening shower person?

How would you feel about a nice invigorating morning jog?

Who will annoy you most on the commute?

Did you lay out your clothes the night before?

What are the odds that you'll forget something when you leave the house?

How long do you take over your hair and makeup?

What are the odds you'll cut something shaving?

What are the odds you'll say a curse word before you get out the door?

How long does it take your plumbing to give you hot water?

When you wake up, are you looking forward to work?

How many times do you typically hit the snooze button?

Do you listen to any music in the mornings?

What does a typical breakfast include?

Will you leave any dirty dishes behind you when you head out?

Do you get any natural light in the mornings?

How likely are you to do some stretches?

Will you drink a glass of water in the morning?

Do you have a moment to just play or chat with your boo, kids or pet?

When do you venture into your dreaded email inbox?

How often do you take a morning breakfast meeting for work?

When you see people in the morning, how do you greet them?

Do you have a to-do list ready to go?

Be honest: did you make your bed?

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