Tell Us About Your Home and We'll Give You a Curb Appeal Project to Try

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Making a beautiful home isn't just about the inside. The outside requires some attention, too! You could have the best looking house on the block, but if your front porch is falling apart and there are no flowers to brighten things up, your home won't be seen in the beautiful way that you would want. Taking on those projects can be difficult because in a lot of areas there's a short period in which outdoor work is feasible. You wouldn't want to be painting your shutters or planting flowers in the dead of winter. Take the opportunities of warm weather to bang out all of your curb appeal needs.

Curb appeal doesn't mean you have to spend a ton of money on new fixtures, grass, a pool, etc. If you put even a little bit of time into keeping your lawn in good shape, planting a few seasonal flowers or adding a couple of chairs to your deck, you could be good to go. Landscaping can be really expensive, and if that's the route you want to take, go for it! But a good old DIY project can be way more fun and cost-effective. Which curb appeal project should you take on? Tell us about your home, and we'll tell you!

What kind of environment is your home in?

Is it a one story house or two?

Which type of siding is on your house?

Does your current house feel like home?

Are the front and backyards spacious?

What is the overall architectural style of your house?

What is your curb appeal like now?

If money was no object, what would you do to your home, inside or out?

Has anyone ever given you suggestions for how to improve the look of your home?

Is there one thing that you always dreamed of having in your home as a kid?

What are the rooms in your home like?

Is there an overall decor theme in your house?

Which room do you find yourself spending most of your time in?

Do you already feel like you do a lot to keep up appearances with your home?

Do you have any porches or decks?

Have you always dreamed of having the best looking home on the block?

Is your current home your forever home?

Where on the inside of your home could use the most improvements?

Do you like to DIY things for your home or hire people/get things professionally done?

What is the flooring like throughout your home?

Does your curb appeal in this moment match the quality of the inside of your house?

Do you like to have people over and entertain?

What about your home made you want to buy it?

Would you put a pool in the backyard?

Do you have any gardens all set up?

Do you have a separate work-space either inside or outside your house?

Does your home fit your personality?

Could you see a time when you'd put an addition on to your home?

Is your grass in good shape?

What does "curb appeal" mean to you?

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