Tell Us About Your High School Memories and We'll Guess What Decade You Graduated In

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Whether high school was one of the best times of your life, a necessary awkward phase or one of the most terrifying experiences you've ever had, there's one thing that you'll agree with us about: it was extremely memorable! While certain things about high school will always stay the same, such as first love, bullies and homework, other aspects of high school have radically changed over the years.

Today, students email teachers their essays rather than typing or writing them, and current classroom safety standards would seem ludicrous to 1950s parents. Kendrick Lamar is the new Elvis, and nobody cool would ever drive a Plymouth Road Runner.

But we want to know what defined your high school experience. What did your classmates wear, who was cool or uncool, how did teachers punish you and what salty treats did you like to snack on? Details like these may seem unimportant, but in fact, will help our trusty quiz supercomputer to determine precisely which decade it was when you put on that black cap and gown. Are you ready to relive some of the most fun and most embarrassing years of your life? Flip through your high school yearbook, then take this quiz!

How did you get to school?

What was the most bizarre subculture at your high school?

Did you have to shower after gym class?

Where did you and your friends hang out?

After school, which delicious treats did you feast on?

How did the cool kids dress?

What was your favorite slang word?

How did you earn money?

What weird skill did you learn that you've never used since?

Did you have to do chores at home? What kind?

How was gossip spread?

What was your favorite TV show?

Which clubs were you a part of?

How did you write an essay?

In order not to be labelled a dork, you had to ... ?

What did you wear to the prom?

Which of these dumb fads took your school by storm?

Did you ever take a shop or home ec class?

What was the biggest political scandal on the news?

How did you do your hair?

Which brand of shoes was everyone wearing?

What was your first date like?

Were you a jock, a nerd, a drama kid or ... ?

Once you got a boyfriend or girlfriend, how did you spend time together?

What were your parents most worried about?

How did you call people up?

Which word did people use to refer to "bad" kids?

Did you burn incense in your room?

How did your parents dress?

Who was the coolest musician?

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