Tell Us About Your Country Music Preferences and We'll Guess What Truck You Drive

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Country music and trucks go hand in hand. You don't have to be a fan of one to like the other, but chances are that you love them both. You can often catch some country music being played if you're driving by a truck on a hot summer's day. Though, depending on the truck, the taste of country music may differ!

If you're a truck owner, you might find yourself as passionate about your truck as you are about country music. You stick with your favorite truck brand and defend it with all that you have. You probably love to take great care of it as well. What could be better than cruising around town in your beloved truck, with only the best country music blasting? It's hard to think of anything that could top it! Whether you're a huge fan of classic country or a die-hard for the newest country music, your taste can tell a lot about you as a person.

So, if you're a truck owner, tell us all about your favorites in country music. From there, we'll try to guess which truck you love to blast your tunes in. Take the quiz to see if we can guess it correctly!

If there was a country song that described your life, which of the following would it be?

Who is your go-to outlaw country artist?

Everyone has their own taste. You love to listen to country music for which of these reasons?

When you're feeling sad, what tune are you most likely to crank up?

You're going to a wedding. Which country song do you have to request?

There can often be some great humor in the genre. What country tune can always make you laugh?

What country song can get you pumped up, no matter how you're feeling?

There are so many talented and creative artists in the genre. You can't go a day without listening to which of the following artists?

You could easily sing every word (even backward) to which of these songs?

There's nothing better than country songs that are about trucks! Which of the following tunes about the vehicle is your favorite?

Some country songs just have a way of describing what's inside of us. What country song is your anthem?

When you want revenge, what country song do you listen to?

When you're ready to have a good time, what song do you blast?

If you could only attend one last concert for the rest of your life, you would choose which of these artist's shows?

Which country song touched your heart like no other?

In country music, what would you say is your favorite theme?

While there are some great solo artists in the genre, there are some mean groups also! Which country group is your favorite?

Which era of country music would you say is the greatest?

How does country music make you feel?

Congratulations! You've won a duet with one of the following country artists. Who would you choose?

Who of the following artists would you get along with the best?

What's the perfect song to play after a break-up?

Sadly, many country legends have passed away. If you could bring one of them back, who would you choose?

Which female country artist would you consider to be one of your favorites?

If you could only listen to one of these Queens of Country music, which one would you choose?

When you're on vacation, what song is blaring out your speakers?

While there are many greats, there are some awesome stars on the rise as well. Who of the following modern country artists do you love?

When you're feeling romantic, what do you listen to?

You've chosen your Queen of Country, so it's time for a king. Of the following, who do you consider to be the King of Country music?

Which of the following country songs is your guilty pleasure?

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