Take This Quiz and We'll Help You Find Your Signature Nail Color!

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About This Quiz

Signature nail colors are not just defined by taste in light or dark hues, but rather, they're determined by someone's inner personality and soul. That's what this personality quiz is going to help you figure out, because those nails aren't going to paint themselves!

When choosing a nail polish color, it's important to think about several elements with regards to your sense of style and/or makeup. Do you want your nails to match your hair, eye color, accessories or clothing choices? Or perhaps, you prefer your nails to stand out on their own, contrasting with every other aspect of your style. 

Many people certainly paint their nails with just one shade of a pretty color, but you can go with a spectacular design instead. From flowers and gemstones to pink hearts and polka dots, there are many tutorials on the web that will teach you how to artfully paint your nails! Depending on the season or holiday, you can also paint Easter bunnies, Christmas trees or scary pumpkins on your nails! So, if you're ready to find out which nail color matches your inner personality, take our rather "polished" quiz now!

When it comes to socializing with other people, are you more of an extrovert or an introvert?

If you had the power of flight for 24 hours, where would you go?

Think carefully now! Would it be more beneficial to have an extra arm or an extra leg?

On a scale of 1-10 (with 10 being the highest), how much do you love roller coasters and amusement parks?

When it comes to emotional support, do you tend to turn to family and friends or do you prefer to handle difficult times on your own?

You have the ability to transform into one of these birds for 48 hours! Which one are you going to choose?

Would you describe yourself as more of an angel or a devil?

Let's get a little sweet for a second! Which of these ice cream flavors matches your personality the best?

Which Disney princess dress would you want to wear to your ideal wedding?

Do you tend to transform into the Hulk when you become upset, or does this sound like a ridiculous statement?

Everyone's inner soul is at least a little bit delicate. Is your soul as fragile as a flower or as tough as a brick?

If just one of these emojis represented your entire personality, which would it be?

What is more important to you: free time or time spent at work?

On a daily basis, would you rather gain an extra hour of sleep or earn an extra $10?

Do you have any regrets in life, or should life be lived without regret?

Let's get a little bit fruity for a moment! Would you describe your personality as a lemon or a strawberry?

Could you handle being famous for the rest of your life, or would you prefer to be anonymous?

What would you prefer to be known for: beauty or intelligence?

Which of these quotes resonates with you the most?

Who's up for some skydiving?

Let's talk athletics! Which sport do you wish you could excel at?

Let's be honest: Which one of the seven deadly sins most represents you?

Do you speak with a dry and sarcastic tone or are you more open and exuberant?

If your mood was like a body of water, which of the following would it be similar to?

What matters more to you: finding true love or getting $5,000,000?

You have the chance to live on one of these planets! Which one most suits you?

Think carefully now. Would you rather meet your past self or your future self?

Everyone needs a little guidance. Choose one of these spirit animals to guide you on your path through life!

Would people describe you as energetic?

If you could wear just one of these patterns for the rest of your life, which one would you choose?

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