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George Washington helped ensure the freedom of the citizens of the United States. He was a leader and statesman, as well as the first president. Take this quiz and find out how much you know about his life and legacy!

Where was George Washington born?

George Washington was born in 1732 in Virginia, where he would also retire at the end of his career. His ancestors came to the country in 1657.


What was Washington's job when he was young?

George Washington went to school to be a surveyor and worked the job while he was young. However, he would eventually leave the profession to serve in the military.


Where did Washington get smallpox?

Washington traveled with his brother, Lawrence, who was suffering from tuberculosis, to Barbados. He hoped the trip would help his brother. Instead, Washington ended up with smallpox, which he did manage to recover from.


Who stopped Washington from joining the Royal Navy?

George Washington was set on joining the Royal Navy after the death of his father. However, Washington's mother opposed the move and ultimately Washington was forced to find another career path.


Did Washington ever travel to England?

George Washington's only trip abroad was to Barbados, where he went with his terminally ill brother. There, he discovered the vast reach of the British Empire.


What was Washington's first war?

In 1753, Washington was appointed as a major in the Virginia provincial militia. He was sent into the Ohio country to keep an eye on French encroachment.


In which battle was George Washington captured?

After achieving a victory in the Battle of Jumonville Glen, Washington was attacked by the French at Fort Necessity, which he was helping ensure the construction of. This French victory was a spark for the French and Indian War.


Who named the Washington property Mount Vernon?

Lawrence Washington inherited property on the Potomac River after the death of his father. This property was named Mount Vernon, and, after Lawrence's death, George Washington gained control of the property.


What Fort did the British try to capture during the Braddock Expedition?

During the Braddock Expedition, the British failed to capture Fort Duquesne. However, this battle was significant for Washington, who helped organize a successful retreat.


What regiment was Washington put in charge of, in 1755?

Washington was charged with defending the Virginia frontier. To accomplish this, he was put in charge of the Virginia Regiment by Lt. Governor Dinwiddie.


Who did George Washington marry?

Martha and George married when they were both in their late 20's. Martha became the first First Lady when George Washington was elected president.


How many children did George Washington have with Martha?

George and Martha Washington never had children together. She did bring her children in from her first marriage, but many historians believe George may have been sterile.


Which county did George Washington represent in the House of Burgesses?

George Washington was well known and admired in his community. Not to mention, he was a weathy planter. This helped him get elected to the House of Burgesses.


What physical ailment did George Washington deal with from a young age?

There are both personal and public reports stating that Washington had many problems with his teeth, forcing him to replace his teeth with dentures. However, the dentures were not made of wood, which is a common misconception.


Did George Washington oppose British taxes?

George Washington was one of the leading figures of opposition when British taxes were imposed on the colonies. He even introduced proposals that suggested boycotting English products.


What was Washington's position in the Continental Army?

George Washington never controlled a large army before he was appointed Commander-In-Chief of the Continental Army. However, he did have military experience and was admired among his contemporaries.


When did Washington return to Mount Vernon, after the war began?

General Washington spent most of the early part of his campaign in the northern colonies. When he finally moved south in 1781, he stopped by his home in Mount Vernon, Virginia.


How did Washington escape New York with his army?

In New York, British forces pinned Washington and the Continental Army against the East River. However, Washington was able to escape by the cloud of night and fog when he ordered flat boats to carry his forces across the river.


How did Washington secure a victory in Boston?

The siege of Boston was one of the first campaigns of the Revolution. George Washington was able to take the city by setting up artillery against the British forces stationed there.


What forces did Washington defeat at Trenton, New Jersey?

German military forces hired themselves out as mercenaries, who were known as Hessians. During the Revolution, the British hired these soldiers to fight on their side against the colonists.


What river did Washington cross to capture Trenton?

Crossing the Delaware River was one of Washington's prime accomplishments. The crossing was so significant that paintings have been made to commemorate the event.


Who wanted Washington removed from his position as Commander in Chief of the Continental Army ?

George Washington failed to win the battle for Philadelphia, which caused people to question his ability to lead the Continental Army. However, he maintained enough support to crush any opposition.


Where did Washington take his troops in the winter of 1777?

George Washington took his troops to Valley Forge to hold out for the winter, but conditions were horrible. Eventually, he received supplies and started preparing his troops for battles the coming Spring.


Who did Washington defeat at Yorktown?

The battle of Yorktown was a decisive victory for the colonists. After it was over, Britain began to prepare peace negotiations.


Did Washington give up his position as Commander in Chief of the Continental Army?

George Washington had just won a war for the new nation when he decided to give up his position as Commander in Chief. This was important, considering he could have ruled the country himself.


Did Washington want a strong central government?

George Washington opposed the Articles of Confederation because he believed in a strong central government. He knew states wouldn't agree if they operated separately.


Who was the first president of the United States?

In 1789, George Washington was elected the first president of the United States. As the first president, Washington was able to mold the presidency into what he wanted it to be.


How many terms did George Washington serve?

George Washington never wanted to be a king or dictator. For that reason, he gave up power both after the end of the war and after his second term in office.


What political party did Washington run under?

George Washington was not a big fan of political parties. He believed they were a detriment to the country. Nevertheless, they formed after he left office.


Which rebellion did Washington put down as president?

The Whiskey Rebellion came about after a tax was imposed on whiskey and other distilled spirits. Washington was forced to send troops to put the rebellion down.


What did Washington do in the war between Britain and France?

George Washington opposed intervening in foreign affairs, especially since the new nation just started. Therefore, he declared the country neutral in the war between Great Britain and France.


Did Washington live in the White House during his presidency?

George Washington never lived in the White House, which came after him. He was the only president to never live there.


How many members were in Washington's cabinet?

George Washington defined the roles of the cabinet. However, he only had four members, unlike today.


Which law did Washington sign into effect?

This was one of the most important legislations signed in American history. It established six Supreme Court justices and the position of Attorney General.


Which state did NOT join the Union during Washington's presidency?

After George Washington became president, the Union continued to grow. Five new states were added to the Union during this time, which would be a sign of things to come.


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