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Be it the movie or the longer, better DVD version, the "Suicide Squad" has become the unexpected crowd favorite among the DC comics-turned-movies-turned pop culture staple. How well do you know this crazy crew of supervillains? Find out by taking the happy "Suicide Squad" Quiz!

In the beginning, what is the "safety precaution" for handling Harley Quinn?

At first, they show how Harley is trying to bait the security head into making a mistake. He promptly shocks her while she's holding the prison bars. And we learn he's put a few men in the hospital.


Amanda Waller talks about how Superman was influential in world events. Why did this spark the creation of the Suicide Squad?

Amanda Waller knew that Superman would trigger many people into putting on costumes on both sides of the law. Waller's a pragmatist, so she figured that supervillains on a leash would be a good, expendable task force.


What is Deadshot's weakness?

Deadshot may be a cold-blooded assassin, but he's also a father. His ties to his daughter give him a soft spot that anyone who knows how can leverage.


Blink and you'll miss it: what was the funniest weapon of which Deadshot was an expert?

It's a testament to how good Deadshot is that a potato cannon is deadly in his hands. On the other hand, some poor target probably got taken out by a high-speed potato.


In the comic books, what was Deadshot's original goal?

In the comic books, Deadshot originally presented himself as a hero in Gotham, but his real goal was to become the head crime boss in the city. This didn't work out. Years later, they retooled his character into the best gun-toting assassin in the world.


What was Harley Quinn's original job?

Dr. Harlene Quinzel was an asylum psychiatrist who was assigned to the Joker. Sadly, she ended up being charmed by him, and after some crazy stuff, became her lover and human weapon.


For someone so deadly, what life skill did Harley Quinn lack?

As we find out in the movie's opening scenes, it's either she can't swim, or she's not very good at it. She nearly drowns, but Batman saves her, though he has to knock her out before she kills him. Yep, a whole lot of pretty in a whole lot of crazy.


What makes the character of Harley Quinn different from all the others when it comes to how she was created?

Harley Quinn was a character who first appeared in the Batman cartoons, not in the comic books. In fact, she's not even traditionally a part of the original Suicide Squad. But they probably needed a tie-in to the Joker, so there she is. Also, Margot Robbie. Come on!


In the comic books, with who does Harley Quinn also have a sort of serious relationship?

In the comic books, the Joker and Harley's relationship is on the back-burner, and Harley is usually seen being best friends -- or possibly lovers -- with Poison Ivy, another Batman villain. In the movie, Harley is still in classic mode, as it were.


Why is Digger Harkness, the bank robber, so unique?

Digger Harkness is a weapon specialist. Where Deadshot uses rifles, he uses boomerangs. He uses them like knives or clubs, aside from throwing weapons. Say hello to Captain Boomerang!


Although it's not a weakness, Captain Boomerang has a strange character quirk, seen only in the movie version. What was it?

Captain Boomerang has a "fetish" for pink unicorns in the "Suicide Squad" movie. He even carries one in his coat almost all the time.


While most of the Squad members are Batman rogues, with which hero has Captain Boomerang tangled?

Captain Boomerang is part of the comic book Flash's rogues' gallery. He created a high-tech arsenal of boomerang variants, similar to Batman's batarangs, to try to kill the Flash.


Given how powerful El Diablo is, how did the police catch him?

El Diablo is seen with his hands up while coming out of a house. It looks like he had no intention of putting up a fight, anyway, even though his powers make him the real hot-head.


Given what we get to see later on in the movie, what is the source of El Diablo's power?

El Diablo has the power to control fire because he has a demon-like spirit, that seems to be of South American origin, living in his body. The more he uses his powers, the more details of the spirit come out... and El Diablo gets bigger.


What's one big reason Batman probably had no problem pulling his punches against Harley Quinn?

It's established that Harley would do anything for the Joker, and in the comic books, she is actually seen as a one-woman wrecking crew for him. The "Suicide Squad" movie just takes it a notch higher and lets her in on killing Robin.


When Waller talks about Waylon Jones as evolution taking a step backwards, what did it really mean?

Waylon Jones, also known as Killer Croc, is a genetic throwback to our reptilian links. He's big, bad, and ugly, and he eats other people for breakfast. Hence, Killer Croc.


Befitting his nickname, what did they feed Killer Croc?

From the movie, it is implied that they always feed Killer Croc with raw dead animals. This is no surprise, since his reptilian tendencies probably don't make him picky about what he eats when he's hungry.


What's Killer Croc's greatest weakness?

In most of his comic book appearances, Killer Croc is usually outsmarted by the heroes. This is made even more obvious since he's a Batman villain, and Batman admits that a mano-a-mano fight would be suicide when you're up against Killer Croc.


Why did Amanda Waller save the Enchantress for last in her list of super-operatives?

Archaeologist June Moone made the classic mistake of releasing an evil spirit from a magical box of sorts. Now, she is in the new box, as the evil spirit known as the Enchantress controls her body.


What did Amanda Waller do to ensure there are "controls" for the Enchantress?

Apparently, since the Enchantress is a witch, her heart is literally outside of her body. Sadly, it's in the hands of Amanda Waller. As long as she has the heart, she has control over Enchantress.


In the comic books, what is the Enchantress' big weakness?

The Enchantress, in the comic books, is always a problem. That's because while June Moone is a good person trying to use basically evil magic, The Enchantress spirit is totally evil. This usually leads to her being a loose cannon for her teammates, both in and out of the "Suicide Squad."


As above, so below. Slipknot suffered the same fate in both comic books and the movie. What was it?

In the comic books, Slipknot actually survived. The bombs were attached to his wrists, so he only lost a hand. In the movie, his head blew up like a grape. Ouch!


Who did Amanda Waller trust to lead a group of supervillains in the field?

Rick Flag Jr. is an army specialist who supposedly is one of the best. In the comic books, it is established that his father, Rick Sr., headed an earlier version of the "Suicide Squad." In a bizarre turn of events, the comic books introduced the idea that Rick Flag was an implanted personality, that anyone can be brainwashed to become Rick Flag.


What is the "Suicide Squad's" real name?

Task Force X had the nickname of "Suicide Squad" because their missions were very much high-risk. And since most of them were criminals, it wouldn't matter if they died in the field.


During the Pentagon meeting, what ability did Amanda Waller force the Enchantress to show?

Even in the comic books, one particular ability of the Enchantress is that she can track magical objects and teleport to that object's location. In the movie, they expanded on this, and she could get into an enemy country's weapons lab and steal documents.


Why is Amanda Waller so dangerous?

Amanda Waller has no super powers, and has operated in the fringes of government service all her life. She is willing, however, to do anything to develop metahuman forces that can protect the country.


What is Amanda Waller's control on Rick Flag?

Amanda Waller knew that somehow, June Moone and Rick Flag could fall for each other. Once that happened, she knew she could control Rick Flag, simply by making sure she had control over June Moone.


What was Enchantress' game all along?

This is one of the gripes people have with the film -- that the introduction of Enchantress's brother seems to be from left field. However, it is interesting to note that the combined powers of the evil siblings was all part of the plan, as we see later on.


Who turned out to be the Joker's inside man to contact Harley?

As Harley was being transferred for the Suicide Squad's first mission, Griggs slipped her a cellphone from the Joker. Harley being Harley, she still wanted her payback against all the things that Griggs did to her.


What was Joker's first stop before going after Harley?

Thanks to Griggs being his snitch, the Joker knew that there were bombs injected into the Squad members' necks. Joker then found out who the suppliers were, so he could learn how to disarm them.


A little history: When Harley was pulling clothes out of her suitcase, she first pulled out a black and red leotard. Why was it so important?

The ensemble is Harley's original harlequin costume from the cartoons, and for her early years in the comic books. Not surprisingly, Margot Robbie's look is now what the comic book Harley Quinn follows.


Why is Midway City an important part of the DC world?

In the comic books, Midway City is from where Hawkman and Hawkgirl operated. Doom Patrol and the Science Police also had bases there. It's an interesting entry point for more DC history, or at least there is an option for Hawkman and Hawkgirl to come in.


Who in the Squad had a working relationship with Batman in the comic books, but isn't a supervillain?

Katana is one of Batman's superhero allies in the comic books, and is usually his operative for special missions. She was also a member of the Batman-sponsored team, the Outsiders. Some stories talk about how she actually has an addictive link with her blade.


What was part of Harley's initiation as the Joker's #1 girl?

As a sign of love and faith, Harley back-jumped into the chemical vats that had turned Joker's hair green and his skin white. It's not stated outright, but this may also have contributed to their states of mind. In the comic books, this wasn't made clear until much later on.


What was Amanda Waller observing with such interest in Midway City?

It plays right into Amanda Waller's idea of a metahuman force. Why waste time recruiting, when you can create them and just hold control over one metahuman? Perhaps the zombie hordes of Enchantress and her brother could serve as such, in some way.


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