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Sarah Manning is not just a con artist, but a clone … one of many. In this powerful, mind-blowing sci-fi series, Sarah not only discovers this shocking news and comes face-to-face with some of her other clones, she pursues answers to how and why this happened, facing death at each turn. SPOILER ALERT!

Who is the first clone that Sarah Manning stumbles upon?

Sarah Manning, a con artist by trade, witnesses the suicide of a woman, Beth Childs, who appears to be her doppelgänger. Sarah assumes Beth's identity, and is going to clean out her bank account but then assumes her occupation (as a police detective) after Beth's death.


What is the name of Sarah’s foster brother?

Jordan Gavaris plays Felix ("Fe") Dawkins, Sarah's foster brother and confidant. He identifies as a modern artist and moonlights as a prostitute. The English accent Gavaris employs for his role as Felix Dawkins is so convincing that Entertainment Weekly writer Dalton Ross is "not entirely convinced that it’s not his normal accent that he’s faking."


What is the name of Beth’s monitor and boyfriend?

Dylan Bruce plays Paul Dierden, an ex-military mercenary, who is Beth's monitor and boyfriend. At one point Beth almost kills him as she suspects Paul is her monitor and is trying to control her. Dylan Bruce is a Canadian actor known for his roles as Chris Hughes on the CBS daytime soap opera As the World Turns and Paul Dierden on BBC America as well as Space's Orphan Black.


What is the name of Beth’s police partner?

Kevin Hanchard plays Detective Arthur "Art" Bell, Beth's police partner. In Season 4, there are many flashbacks including a relationship that Art had with Beth that was more than friendship. Art even admits he loved Beth, and feels bad that he wasn’t there for her when she committed suicide.


In the first season we meet a character who is Sarah's abusive, drug-dealing ex-boyfriend. What is this character’s name?

Michael Mando plays Victor "Vic" Schmidt, Sarah's abusive, drug-dealing ex-boyfriend. Michael Mando is a Canadian film and television actor, writer, and director. He currently portrays Ignacio "Nacho" Varga in the AMC television series, Better Call Saul.


Do you know who Mrs. S. is?

Maria Doyle Kennedy plays Siobhán Sadler, Sarah and Felix's Irish foster mother. They call her "Mrs. S." She acts as guardian to Sarah's daughter while Sarah is away, whether on a drinking binge or following a lead on the cloning mystery. As an actress, Doyle Kennedy is best known for her extensive television roles as Catherine of Aragon on The Tudors, Vera Bates on Downton Abbey, and Siobhán Sadler on Orphan Black. As a musician, she is well known for her world-wide hit folk albums Mütter and Sing, as well as for releasing two albums between 1989 and 1992 as part of The Black Velvet Band.


What is the name of Cosima’s monitor?

Évelyne Brochu plays Dr. Delphine Cormier, Cosima's monitor, girlfriend, and fellow scientist. Évelyne Brochu is a Canadian film, television and theatre actress. Some of her most prominent French-speaking roles include: Chloé in Inch'Allah, Rose in Café de Flore, Sara in Tom at the Farm, and Stéphanie in Polytechnique.


Allison’s husband is a hilarious character. What is the character’s name?

Kristian Bruun plays Donnie Hendrix, Alison's husband. He is Allison’s monitor and inadvertently kills Dr. Aldous Leekie when he tells Leekie he wants to stop monitoring his wife. His role became larger in the third season compared to the previous two, as he has become a member of the main cast.


What is the name of the sweet University of Minnesota student who has a crush on Cosima?

Josh Vokey plays Scott Smith, a fellow student of Cosima at the University of Minnesota, who develops a crush on her and later joins her and Delphine at the Dyad Institute. He is a trusted confidant of Cosima, even tricking Delphine, if needed, to help Cosima and Sarah.


Why is Sarah’s daughter so special?

The Dyad Institute and the Proletheans learn that Sarah has a daughter, Kithe only known offspring of a clone; all other clones are sterile by design. The plot lines of the series revolve around Sarah and Kira's efforts to avoid capture by the clearly sinister Neolutionists and Proletheans.


What is this character’s name who is the little girl and plays a big role on Orphan Black?

Skyler Wexler plays Kira Manning, Sarah and Cal's biological, naturally-conceived, daughter. The only child of a clone, she has inherited the apparent accelerated healing ability demonstrated by Sarah and Helena, and has shown the ability to tell the clones apart even when they are posing as each other.


Art gets a new police partner after Beth commits suicide, what is the character’s name?

Inga Cadranel plays Detective Angela "Angie" Deangelis, Art's new partner, trying to uncover the clone conspiracy behind Art's back. Inga Cadranel was a regular cast member of The Eleventh Hour, Jeff Ltd., Rent-a-Goalie, and The Bridge. She also had recurring roles in Lost Girl and The Strain.


Who is the face of the Neolution movement?

Although he was the front man, Dr. Aldous Leekie still had to answer to a Board of Directors. Dr. Matt Frewer who plays Dr. Aldous Leekie, is best known for portraying the 1980s icon Max Headroom, Hades' henchman Panic in Hercules, the retired villain Moloch in Watchmen, cancer patient Mitch in 50/50 and Sherlock Holmes in four Hallmark Channel television productions. He is grotesquely remembered even after he dies in Orphan Black as there is a bot growing inside his cheek even while he was dead.


There are two factions at play that concern the clones. Who does Krystal think these factions are?

Krystal’s fixation on manicure’s and makeup has her a bit misguided. She is sure the two factions that are fighting to take over are Estee Lauder and Neoloution. However, the correct answer is Neolution and Brightborn.


What role does Evie Cho play in the clone drama?

Evie Cho is the CEO of the BrightBorn corporation, a Neolution-driven fertility company with dubious intentions. Evie Cho, works under Dr. Leekie at the Dyad Institute, specializing in Neolution. First Beth tried to kill Evie, then Sarah tried, but in the end she was killed by the people who helped her body evolve.


Which of these are Sarah’s clones?

Sarah Manning has many clones. As the series continues she learns about more of them. Thus far, there is, Beth Childs, Katja Obinger, Alison Hendrix, Cosima Niehaus, Helena, and Rachel Duncan Beth. There is alsoTony (a transgender clone) Charlotte, who is 8 years old, Krystal and M.K who is really Vera. Vera is set on exacting revenge, for the murder of her sister clone and only friend, Niki Lintula.


What do Neolutionists believe?

The Neolution movement believes that human beings can use scientific knowledge to direct their evolution as a species. The movement has an institutional base in the large, influential, and wealthy biotech corporation, the Dyad Institute. The Dyad Institute conducts basic research, lobbies political institutions, and promotes its eugenics program, aided by the clone Rachel Duncan. It also seeks to profit from the technology the clones embody and has thus placed "monitors" into the clones' personal lives, allegedly to study them scientifically, but actually to keep them under surveillance.


What do the Proletheans believe?

Sarah discovers that she is wanted by a secret religious group, the Proletheans. A faction of the Proletheans carries out the clone assassinations, because they believe clones are abominations, and they use Sarah's biological twin sister, Helena, to kill the other clones.


What is Project Castor?

Project Caster is the continuation of the male cloning initiative done at an undisclosed military installation. In Season four, Paul destroys the military installation by coming back after he is shot and bleeding to discharge a grenade that rolls out of his hand upon his death. It was thought that Project Leda was finished when the Duncan’s lab was destroyed in a fire that melted the floppy disks containing the genome sequence necessary to make more clones.


Which of the following are Castor clones?

Besides Mark the Prolethean, Rudy, or 'Scarface', Miller the soldier, Seth, the mustached clone, and Parsons, a victim of inhumane brain experiments there is also Ira, who is Susan Duncan’s adopted son. It was also discovered by Sarah that Henrik Johanssen attempted to create a Castor clone from a stolen genetic sample, but failed, resulting in the death of the infant Abel.


Sarah and Helena have more in common than the other "sisters" what is it?

Sarah and Helena share a surrogate birth mother and are twins both genetically and with respect to their early maternal environment. Although Sarah became pregnant naturally and Helena was in vitro fertilization, they have both been pregnant.


Who is the amazing actress who portrays all the female Clones?

Tatiana Maslany is the amazing actress who portrays the protagonist Sarah Manning, and all the other female clones. To help her prepare to play her "clones", Tatiana Maslany created playlists and dances which she thought epitomized their character. She gave Cosima a 'rave dance' (with glow sticks), Alison ballet, and Helena was kept private in her trailer. Tatiana Maslany starred in television series such as The Nativity, Being Erica and Heartland. In 2013, she won an ACTRA for her role as Claire in the film Picture Day, and a Phillip Borsos Award for her performance in the film Cas & Dylan. Other notable films starring Maslany are Diary of the Dead and Eastern Promises, the latter of which she narrated.


Who portrays the voice of the scorpion?

Co-creator John Fawcett noted that Tatiana Maslany does the voice of the scorpion as well. Fawcett had wanted a scorpion sound that you could hear before you saw it, so you knew it was around. Fawcett had this idea that the scorpion would kind of purr, partly like a cat and a velociraptor. “The clicking and the purring and all of these different sounds that normally would be sound design and sound effects guys ... Tat has created all of those sounds herself."


Did the scorpion have to audition?

The answer is “C”. Co-creator John Fawcett said in regards to using a scorpion in season three: "We had a scorpion wrangler and auditioned a number of scorpions. I've never worked with a scorpion before…. This little dude turned out to be a pretty good actor." The scorpion is named "Pupok" on the show.


Helena is escaping the Castor Base and says this to who? “My sestra. She tears my heart.”

Pupok, the scorpion who is a figment of Helena’s imagination and expresses her innermost thoughts, is always with Helena. Especially in times of stress, like when she is held captive in a box or is escaping the Castor Base. Since Helena blames Sarah for her capture by the military, she abandons Sarah in her cell and escapes by herself. Helena admits to Pupok that she feels conflicted at the thought of leaving Sarah behind by telling him “My sestra. She tears my heart.”


Why did was Helena's waterboarding stopped?

Dr. Virginia Coady, a military doctor who is investigating the Castor sickness and illegally sterilizing ordinary women in order to gather data, orders the waterboarding. However, she stops it when she learns that Helena is pregnant, something that is not supposed to happen as the clones are sterile. The scene where Helena gets tortured via water-boarding was NOT faked. Tatiana Maslany and her stunt double actually underwent that for the scene, albeit with medical professionals on standby.


Where do the original samples for Projects Castor and Leda come from?

The original samples for Projects Castor and Leda showed they were brother and sister, making all the clones genetic siblings. But the ninth episode of this season 3 shows even more similarity between the Castor and Leda genomes. A single woman, Kendall Malone, biological mother to Siobhan Sadler, is in fact the original of both clone lines by virtue of being a human chimera, an individual with both male and female DNA.


What happened in Helsinki?

In the season three premiere, it is revealed that in 2006, six self-aware Project Leda clones in the Helsinki area were executed. Ferdinand Chevalier, a cleaner for Topside, spearheaded the Helsinki extermination. Ferdinand Chevalier is played by James Frain, an actor who is known for Thomas Cromwell in the TV series The Tudors, vampire Franklin Mott in season three of the HBO drama True Blood, as Richard Neville, 16th Earl of Warwick, in the BBC drama serial The White Queen and as Theo Galavan/Azrael in Season 2 of Gotham.


Peter Outerbridge plays Henrik "Hank" Johanssen, a Prolethean leader, attempting to revalue their view on science and forcibly proliferate Helena's miraculous genes at the expense of everyone closest to him. Who does he forcibly proliferate?

Henrik "Hank" Johanssen, a Prolethean leader, impregnates his daughter with the eggs from a clone (Helena) that have been fertilized with his sperm to proliferate Helena's miraculous genes. One of the Castor Clones, Mark falls in love with Grace "Gracie" Johanssen, Henrik and Bonnie's teenage daughter, who eventually rebels against the Prolethean way of life. Gracie marries Mark in an official ceremony after running away from the Prolethean farm.


Where is the setting for Orphan Black?

Orphan Black is set and filmed in Toronto, Canada, this is why cars sport Ontario license plates, there is multi-coloured money, and a plane ticket that is displayed in the pilot episode clearly identifies Toronto's Pearson International Airport. Alison lives in Scarborough, the eastern district of Toronto, which Sarah refers to as "practically local".


Who is talking to Mrs. S. in this quote? Mrs. S.: "There were rumors about the kids we were hiding - the ones that came in Carlton's pipeline - like you. Children in the black." "What do you mean exactly 'in the black'?" Mrs. S: "You know, undocumented, outside the system."

Sarah is trying to get answers from Mrs. S. as her adoptive mother is so much more than a mother. Mrs. S. is a revolutionary Irish badass who knows how to handle a gun and has connections to safe houses and can move people from place to place without the authorities knowing. Mrs. S.’s mother is also the original donor of the clone genetic material.


Who is Felix saying this to? “You are so beautifully unsullied by all this shit, and I'm not gonna be the person who ruins that for you.”

Felix has to tell Adele to leave for good, knowing it's too dangerous to have her around in the middle of all the conspiracy. Poor Fe just looks devastated as she leaves. Adele is Felix's biological half-sister who debuts in "The Stigmata of Progress". She shares the same father as Felix, however they have different mothers. She is portrayed by Lauren Hammersley.


Maslany's failure to receive a nomination for Lead Actress in a Drama Series at both the 65th Primetime Emmy Awards (2013) and 66th Primetime Emmy Awards (2014) was seen as a snub by critics. Then what happened?

Goodman called it an "outrageous oversight" when Maslany's failed to receive a nomination for Lead Actress in a Drama Series at both the 65th Primetime Emmy Awards (2013) and 66th Primetime Emmy Awards (2014). However, this was corrected the following two years when Maslany has received nominations for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama Series. She was still recognized by others in 2013 and 2014, winning the Critics’ Choice Television Award for Best Actress in a Drama Series as well as the 2013 Young Hollywood Awards for Breakthrough Performance for a Female, among many other awards.


Besides Tatiana Maslany, who else in the cast has been recognized for their work?

The Orphan Black cast is award-winning. Jordan Gavaris, Kevin Hanchard and Michael Mando were all nominated for Best Performance by an Actor in a Featured Supporting Role in a Dramatic Program or Series by the 2nd Canadian Screen Awards, in which Jordan Gavaris won. Maria Doyle Kennedy won the Best Performance by an Actress in a Featured Supporting Role in a Dramatic Program or Series from the 2nd Canadian Screen Awards as well.


The show itself is unique and mind-blowing, how many awards has it won thus far?

More than four. To begin, in 2013, Orphan Black won the Outstanding New Program Award from the Television Critics Association Award and the Peabody Award. Then in 2014 and 2015 Orphan Black won the Shaw Media Award for Best Dramatic Series from the 2nd Canadian Screen Awards and the Best Drama TV Series from the Directors Guild of Canada to name a few. Not to mention all the fans the program has won over.


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