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"The Incredibles" is an amazing animated movie from Pixar that combines James Bond, Superhero movies, and family comedy into one seamless package. If you want to revisit your Incredibles experience, or if you want to find out more, then take the quiz and see how incredible the Parr family really is.

In the movie's introduction, what question had Mr. Incredible and Elastigirl really amused?

Both Mr. Incredible and Elastigirl put up good arguments for why superheroes all have secret identities. After all, they want a normal life outside of the costume, too.

Frozone, the ice-powered hero, had this view about dating superheroines.

Frozone is an open-minded guy. He doesn't care about secret identities. He's fine with dating, period. On the other hand, maybe he doesn't want to get too close.

In the movie's introduction, what was the big complaint that Mr. Incredible had about saving people and saving the world?

It's a real-life take on how superheroes must feel. Mr. Incredible would like people and the world to stay saved, so he wouldn’t always have to "clean up the mess." It may have been a joke for the interview, but it felt like he had issues, too.

Frozone is the cool dude superhero of the movie, so it makes sense that a cool actor voices his part. Who is this cool-as-ice actor?

The Incredibles needed an actor who could be the cool uncle and a cool-tough superhero. It was natural that they would hire Samuel L. Jackson for the role.

Be careful what you wish for: Mr. Incredible and Elastigirl publicly had an issue about marriage. What was it?

Mr. Incredible liked the idea, and Elastigirl didn't like it. However, it seems both knew that the time and effort of being superheroes was a big problem.

While going around being a superhero, Mr. Incredible is "introduced" to this new hero. Who is he?

In keeping with the Golden Age comic book feel of the Incredibles movie, Mr. Incredible finds himself with a sidekick, Incredi-Boy. Actually, he's a member of his fan club.

What event led to Mr. Incredible discovering Bomb Voyage's bank heist?

As Mr. Incredible saved the suicidal jumper, he crashed onto the floor of the bank. There, he heard a familiar sound of a bomb about to go off! Bomb Voyage was doing his usual thing.

Edna Mode, the bombastic costume designer and mad scientist, is voiced by Brad Bird. What was Bird's other role in the film?

Brad Bird is the director of The Incredibles, aside from the one who pitched the original idea. He was looking for another voice talent to do Edna Mode, but it turned out he was perfect for the job.

What was Incredi-Boy's "super power?"

Incredi-Boy's "super-power" was flight, thanks to his jet boots. Other than that, he was probably a very smart kid if he made that on his own.

Why was Mr. Incredible so pressed for time in the first part of the movie?

Mr. Incredible's tuxedo at the beginning is now explained: he was getting married to Elastigirl. However, like any superhero, he couldn’t resist doing some “superheroing" before he arrived at the altar.

Why did superheroing become outlawed?

Superheroes started getting sued for damages and injuries. It went downhill from there, since the government started to turn on them, too, so people didn’t want them around anymore.

What was the government's solution to the superhero menace?

To prevent legal complications and secret identity issues, most, if not all superheroes were relocated and given civilian identities. These actions were meant to make them blend in with normal people. Good luck with that!

The Former Mr. Incredible, now Bob Parr, has this sad job after he stopped being a superhero. What is it?

When Bob Parr became a civilian, the government gave him a job as an insurance agent. He's not a very good one, though.

Why is the Parr family so unusual, aside from mom and dad being ex-superheroes?

Even though the Parr family is basically normal, their everyday problems are made worse because the kids also have super powers. Worse, their powers are different from that of their parents.

How did ex-Frozone Lucius and Bob Parr bond as friends on a night out?

Even though their wives probably know they do it, Mr. Incredible and Frozone still do heroic acts anonymously. Frozone, however, feels more nervous about being found out.

Why does the mysterious woman named Mirage need Mr. Incredible's help?

It's the first scene where you know the Incredibles movie is shifting to high gear. Mirage, a former "super," contacted Mr. Incredible. Her organization needed help to get rid of a rogue robot.

What embarrassing detail is played for laughs during Mr. Incredible's launch into the island?

Mr. Incredible's potbelly prevents him from getting in and out of the launch capsule properly. The scenes also show that he's still super strong, no matter what.

What does the ending of Mr. Incredible's fight with the first robot in the island show?

When Mr. Incredible gets into a bind fighting the robot, he starts observing how to beat it. His solution--by making it destroy itself--shows that he knows how to use his intelligence and experience in the middle of a battle.

Hammy and petite, Edna Mode is a handful. What are her special skills?

Edna Mode is the costume designer for superheroes. She's half fashion designer, half mad scientist. But remember, no capes!

Dash, the Incredible son, is impulsive and impatient. What is his super power?

Dash can run and move very fast. In the Incredibles movie, he's shown to be so fast, he can play pranks on his teacher without people knowing it.

Violet, or Vi, is the introverted eldest child of the Incredible family. What is her first special ability?

In the beginning, Vi's ability allows her to turn invisible. She turns invisible when she's not feeling OK, or when she wants to disappear emotionally.

Incredi-Boy makes a comeback later on. But he's not on the side of angels. What does he call himself as an adult supervillain?

Buddy, the former Incredi-Boy, hated Mr. Incredible after he was rejected as a sidekick. He eventually became a gadgeteer genius, and got rich selling weapons to other countries. And now, he wants to destroy Mr. Incredible as supervillain Syndrome.

Edna Mode is thorough. What was her gift to Helen Parr, the Elastigirl?

Edna Mode figured that the Incredibles would all need costumes eventually. She made a costume specific to each family member's powers.

How did Syndrome "program" the final robot design to be unbeatable, even by Mr. Incredible?

Syndrome came up with a great idea for programming his super robot. He would train it using superheroes, until it would be good enough to defeat even the likes of Mr. Incredible. Apparently, all the heroes used would eventually be killed, as the robot got smarter.

Violet has a second ability, one that she isn't very good at using. What is it?

Violet's second ability gets stronger as she becomes more confident or really needs it. She can generate force fields, which she can use in creative ways.

We know that Mirage has been slowly falling for Mr. Incredible, but it was this event after he saw his family "die" that really made her question herself.

Mr. Incredible threatened to kill her, to force Syndrome to let him loose. But he couldn’t, because he was still a good man. Mirage really had doubts written all over her face after that.

Elastigirl speaks plainly, when she gives her kids some advice. What did she say?

It's a surprising thing to hear, in a Pixar movie. Elastigirl tells her kids, Violet and Dash, that the bad guys would really try to kill them, even if they were kids.

What was Syndrome's big supervillain plan?

It's a little bit of ego and insecurity to use the robot for his own glory. Syndrome wants to be finally recognized as a hero, even if he knows that he's firmly in supervillain territory.

Obviously, Dash hates staying in one place. What did he discover in the caves, while walking about?

Dash discovered a tunnel in the deeper parts of the cave. It's a good thing he did, as he was able to outrun the rocket launch exhaust and save his sister Violet from being extra-crispy.

What was one part of Dash's ability that he discovered while he was running away from the henchmen?

Dash runs so fast, he can actually keep on running on the surface of water. This should be expected - as long as he doesn’t stop. And he used that to his advantage, too.

How did Violet first activate her super force shields properly?

Dash may have super speed, but it's not known if he can outrun a bullet. Violet didn't know, and in trying to protect Dash from getting shot, she became a True Incredible and used a force field to protect both of them. Good going, girl!

After Mirage helped Mr. Incredible escape, how did he convince Elastigirl that they weren't canoodling?

After Elastigirl extendo-punched Mirage, she was rightly fuming. But a good kiss from Mr. Incredible put most of her doubts away.

Once the Incredibles were captured by Syndrome, who among them was able to escape first, and free the entire family?

Violet used her force field ability to separate herself from the energy shackles. After that, it was easy for her to get to the controls and free everyone else.

How did the Incredibles defeat the super robot?

The fight comes to a full circle when Mr. Incredible realizes that the super robot can only be damaged by its own claws. So, all they had to do was launch one claw at it - with help from Syndrome's armband.

How did Syndrome learn the hard way why Edna Mode says, "NO CAPES"?

Once the blades of the jet engine snagged Syndrome's cape, it was all over. It is both a funny and horrifying way to die for a supervillain. Listen to Edna!

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