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Before all the cop shows we see on TV today, there was "Kojak," about a police detective who was cool, weird, and stubborn. Intrigued? Find out more about Kojak and his world in this cool "Kojak" quiz!

Which famous bald actor, known for playing bad guys and sketchy characters, played Kojak?

After roles here and there as a bad guy, Telly Savalas finally got the role of his life. It’s a turnaround as a good guy when he landed the part of Kojak.


Characters are sometimes known only by one name. In Kojak's case, his first name isn't as well known. What was Kojak's first name?

Kojak was the one-name sort of guy. But his first name was Theo.


Kojak came from an immigrant family and he loved using terms from his background. What was his family’s background?

Kojak, the character, comes from a Greek family. He even uses Greek terms and sayings.


Kojak was one of the more prominent TV characters to come from a Greek immigrant background, but the original character design pegged him to be from another country. What nationality was Kojak supposed to be?

Kojak was originally meant to be from a Polish immigrant family. In fact, his name is probably a shortened Polish surname.


What quote was Kojak's signature remark?

Kojak was famous for saying "who loves ya, baby," as a trademark phrase. Later police shows would also have characters who would have their catchphrases or quirks.


Kojak had a funny quirk. What did he often have in his mouth?

Kojak was well known for having a lollipop in his mouth. While he could be as tough as police officers could be, this funny habit made him more human.


What was the real reason why Kojak loved having a lollipop every so often?

Kojak was an improvement on cop characters, health-wise. He was actually trying to quit smoking, hence his love for sweets.


Kojak did have a specific candy that he loved. Can you guess what brand was his favorite?

Kojak used Tootsie Pops. But Tootsie Rolls are more famous.


In the third season, we meet a future superstar guest playing a young cop named Rick Daly. Who is this actor?

In the episode entitled "My Brother, My Enemy," we see Sylvester Stallone as a young cop with a terrible secret. And he didn't know that Kojak was a good man first, cop second.


Detective Stavros, one of the men working with Kojak, was played by an actor who was very close to Telly Savalas. How close were they?

Detective Stavros was played by Telly's real-life brother George. If you ever wondered why Stavros looked a bit like Kojak, this is why.


Cops love to play good cop/bad cop during interrogations. What was hard-nosed Kojak's role preference?

Kojak is well known for being a hard-nosed but nice guy. But if you’re a suspect, he puts on the bad cop act.


When it comes to quitting/not quitting smoking, Kojak actually has a cheat day. Which day is this?

Kojak has said that he likes his candy, except on Sundays. On that cheat day, he still lights up his tobacco.


In which decade did Kojak first pop onto the TV screen?

Kojak started airing in 1973 and ended in 1978. It had a one season remake in the 2000s.


Just before his Oscar win for "The Deer Hunter," this actor starred as a burglar in an episode of Kojak. Who was he?

A nearly unrecognizable Christopher Walken played a hapless burglar caught in a love triangle. And sadly, he's in the losing corner.


Yes or no: When detectives like Kojak do their business, do they roam around in police-marked squad cars?

No, Kojak and his kind of detectives don't go around in squad cars. They just cruise along using ordinary cars, so as not to be "detected" much.


If on a hot official pursuit, Kojak needs to put this device onto his car to let people know he's on official business. What is this device?

In the TV series, Kojak would stick a magnetic portable police light on the roof of his car. It eventually became known as the Kojak light.


Like many great detective shows, in which great American city that never sleeps is Kojak set?

Kojak was shown as having grown up in a tough neighborhood. And in New York, that can be tough indeed.


Kojak was an early version of this kind of TV show, whose stories are about how cops catch the bad guys step by step. What do you call these shows?

Kojak was one of the top '70s police procedural shows, about how police officers would catch criminals step by step. In a way, Kojak is the granddaddy for many TV shows today.


This intense-eyed actor once played a student in Kojak's police science class. Who is this guy, who played himself in "Family Guy"?

,James Woods played an unbalanced attendee in Kojak's class. Feeling that he has to get the advantage in class, he starts doing awful things in the episode entitled "Death is Not a Passing Grade."


Cop shows usually have a tandem between an older and experienced cop with another one. For Kojak and Crocker, what kind of partner was the young Crocker like?

Detective Crocker, played by Kevin Dobson, was the "new" guy on the squad. Kojak was his senior.


Detective Stavros wasn't exactly the old reliable, but he was useful at times. What about him pretty much said that he was scatterbrained?

The messy but loyal Detective Stavros was the scruffiest-looking of the detectives. But still, he would come through.


Captains are always seen as foils for detectives in cop shows. Who is Captain McNeil in Kojak's life?

Captain Frank McNeil is Kojak's boss. He was played by Dan Frazer.


Captain McNeil didn’t always know what Kojak was doing, but he trusted him anyway. Why did the straitlaced captain trust Kojak?

Captain McNeil was known to worry or fret over what Kojak would do in an investigation. However, he knew that Kojak was an honest cop, and that was enough.


The Kojak TV series was a magnet for actors who would later play prominent police characters. In the third season, this actor who played a Fed would eventually be one of the regulars in "Law and Order." Who is he?

In Kojak, Jerry Orbach played a Fed in a case gone wrong, and it's up to Kojak to lay it all on the line. Jerry later became a cop on "Law and Order" as Lenny Briscoe.


Captain McNeil has a history with Kojak, and this is probably why he allows Kojak a long leash. What was their old working relationship?

Kojak and McNeil used to be partners. McNeil would later be promoted to being the boss.


Some police officers can wear civilian clothes on the job, like Kojak and his fellow detectives do. What is the term when cops are in civvies?

Plainclothes cops are those who wear normal clothes so they don’t look out of place to people.


Aside from candy, what did Kojak love to eat?

To get rid of his vices, Kojak was well known for eating candy. However, he was also often seen eating ice cream.


Kojak’s so famous that another country made their own movie in which Kojak visited their country.  Which European country was this?

Apparently, Hungary has a love affair with Kojak. They made a Kojak movie using their local actors.


Kojak was so influential that some cop terms are taken from the show. For example, what does it mean when a cop has a "Kojak carry?”

Kojak was well known for having a gun on him, but not in an easily-seen holster. In some places, when you're carrying a hidden gun, it came to be known as the "Kojak carry."


A "Kojak carry" needs specific tools. What exactly did you have to use to make a "Kojak carry" work?

Since a "Kojak carry" means you have a hidden gun on you, it makes sense to use a gun with a very short barrel. That way, it won’t snag on anything when you take it out. Kojak usually put his gun in his jacket or pocket.


In the very first episode of "Kojak," we see a familiar actor playing a bank robber. He would later be known for showing everything in "The Piano." Who is this actor?

A very young Harvey Keitel is the first baddie of the series, a bank robber who is trying to outsmart Kojak during a hostage situation. Even then, he had that piercing gaze.


Kojak's fashion sense actually comes close to the traditional Hollywood detective's duds. That meant he had to look dapper. What snazzy threads completed the look?

Kojak was an officer and a gentleman. He usually wore a suit, and if he didn’t, he still wore dashing threads.


When he's out in the sun, what stylish accessory does Kojak use to protect his head from sunburn?

In another nod to tradition, Kojak usually wore a dark-colored or black fedora when he's out in the streets. People still wear copies of it until now.


Real-life brothers Telly and George Savalas played Kojak and Stavros in the TV series, but many people didn't connect it immediately. What did George have that Telly didn’t, which probably fooled people a bit?

George Savalas as Stavros, was the classic slob, complete with a shock of frizzy hair. No wonder people sometimes forget that Telly and George are brothers -- because Telly didn't have hair!


Aside from being messy, Detective Stavros also played this sad and funny role for the detectives. What was this role?

Stavros was usually at the receiving end of jokes among the detectives. But even if he played the fool, he was a part of Kojak's team, along with Crocker.


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