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What was that noise?! If you're seeing ghosts pop up in the middle of the night or feel you might have a monster hiding in your closet, chances are, you've been watching too much Supernatural.

For 13 years, the Winchester brothers have been battling it out against, obviously enough, the supernatural. Starring Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles as Sam and Dean, respectively, this series has followed the two brothers as they get into the family business - as hunters.

Following in the footsteps of their father, Supernatural has shown them go up against goblins, ghouls, demons, and spirits. Think they couldn't beat Edward Cullen? Vampires are on their list. When you get frustrated with the show, are you telling them to "go to Hell?" Been there, done that!

With the show on the air for 13 years with 13 seasons and over 250 episodes, a lot has happened in the life of the Winchesters. Can you remember it all? What snack can Dean never leave a gas station without? What was Sam studying while attending Stanford?

This quiz is filled with 13 years of questions, but do you have 13 years of answers? Can you battle it out against this quiz? With all the vampires, ghosts, and demons we'll throw your way, let's see him you can hunt them all!

Which is used to repel ghosts?

Sam and Dean use rock salt in place of pellets for shotgun shells. It makes quite the ghost fighting weapon.


Which character is known for saying "idjits"?

Bobby took on the role of a father for Sam and Dean during John's absence. He often calls them idjits, but we know it's just a term of endearment.


What kind of car do the Winchesters drive in the show?

Serving as a home for both Sam and Dean growing up, the Chevy Impala was given to Dean by his father. It is as important to the show as the two brothers. In season 11, the show runners even made an episode dedicated to the car.


What do they call the gun used to kill the yellow-eyed demon?

The Colt is a supernatural gun built by Samuel Colt. It is believed that the Colt will kill anything, supernatural or not. Dean finally uses it to kill the yellow-eyed demon.


Which angel does Dean meet first?

In the season 4 premier, Dean meets Castiel and learns that Castiel pulled him from Hell. Needless to say, this is the start of a complicated relationship between the two.


Which creature uses Castiel to escape from Purgatory?

When Castiel tries to use souls from Purgatory to gain the power to take back Heaven, he accidentally lets out the Leviathans. These creatures try to herd humans like cattle.


With whom does Dean try to start a family?

When Sam gets trapped in the cage with Lucifer, Dean tries to start a life with Lisa, but after Sam comes back, their relationship gets complicated. Turns out, Dean can't escape the life of a hunter.


What is Dean's favorite dessert?

The most important road snack for Dean Winchester is pie. Even Sam knows, you don't leave the gas station without pie.


Which character comes back soulless?

When Castiel brings Sam back from the Cage, he leaves his soul behind because of the damage that might have been done. When Sam does finally get his soul back, his mental sanity collapses.


Who is known as "the King of Hell"?

Crowley gains control of Hell after Lucifer is locked back in the cage, but he struggles to maintain control from other demons, knights of Hell, and Lucifer once again.


What kind of music is Supernatural known for?

Dean Winchester is known for his love of Classic Rock music, and Supernatural is known for its unique and perfectly timed music moments.


Where do the Winchesters stay while on a hunt?

Although they often camp out at Bobby's and later at their bunker, Sam and Dean rent cheap motel rooms while on hunts, a tradition since the very first episode.


What is Dean's most important job?

Dean has always been the guardian of the family since family is what's most important to him. It's no surprise that he embraces the role of Sam's protector.


Which angel is Sam the vessel of?

Sam learned that his entire life he was being prepared to become Lucifer's vessel. In the Season 5 final, he finally says yes to Lucifer in an attempt to stop him.


Who hacks into Dick Roman's email?

Charlie stumbles across a file that reveal Dick Roman is a Leviathan, even though she has never seen a Leviathan before. When Sam and Dean find Charlie, they ask for her help with uncovering emails on Dick Roman's server.


Which character went to Stanford?

Sam spent his childhood trying to escape the life of a hunter, even earning a full ride to Stanford. That all changed when Dean came looking for his help with finding their father. I guess there is no escaping the family business.


Who turns out to be God?

Fans had their theories, but in the 11th season, it was finally revealed that Chuck was actually God.


Who manipulates Sam into releasing the Devil?

Ruby teaches Sam how to use his powers against other demons and gains his trust over time. Those powers are shown to be beneficial to her when she convinces Sam to kill Lilith, which is the last seal on Lucifer's cage.


Which of Sam's girlfriends was burned on the ceiling?

When Sam returned back to college after going to look for his father with Dean, he discovered Jessica pinned to the bedroom ceiling. Dean saved Sam after Jessica caught on fire. This is the same way their mother died.


What is the name of Sam and Dean's half brother?

Although he has Winchester blood, Adam was not raised to be a hunter, but a little hunter knowledge would have come in handy when he and his mother were killed by ghouls.


Which Winchester goes through the trials to shut the gates of Hell?

The trials have a detrimental effect on Sam's health. So much so that Dean is forced to lie to Sam in order for an angel to take over Sam's body and heal him.


Who does Dean get "the Mark" from?

Dean gets the Mark of Cain to stop Abaddon, a knight of Hell. However, the Mark, soon changes Dean into the very thing he's been trying to kill.


What is the name of the yellow-eyed demon?

The Winchesters spent the first two season searching for the yellow-eyed demon that killed their mother. The demon's death was bittersweet for the brothers and the viewers.


Where were Sam and Dean born?

Sam and Dean were both born in Lawrence, Kansas, but hit the road with their father after their mother's death.


What kind of degree was Sam trying to earn from Stanford?

When Dean picks Sam up from Stanford in the first episode, Sam struggles with the obligation to help his brother and an interview for law school. He makes it back in time for the interview, but finds his girlfriend hanging from the ceiling before she catches fire.


What do Sam and Dean think Gabriel is when they first meet him?

When Sam and Dean first come across Gabriel, Gabriel is playing deadly pranks on college students and professors. For this, they mistake him as a trickster and kill him as if he were one at the end of the episode. However, this doesn't kill Gabriel, and we later learn it is because he is an angel.


Who steals Castiel's grace?

When Metatron took Castiel's grace, he completed a spell that casts all angels out of Heaven. Castiel was forced to live on Earth and survive like a human since he no longer had his grace.


What does Dean wear that turns out to be an amulet used to find God?

Dean gets the amulet from his brother after their father doesn't show up for Christmas. It was suppose to be a protective charm but turns out to be much more.


Which character steals supernatural items and sells them on the black market?

Sam and Dean first cross paths with Bela when she steals a cursed rabbit's foot from Sam, giving him some very bad luck.


Who is God's sister?

When the Mark of Cain is removed from Dean's arm, it releases the darkness, which turns out to be God's sister. She isn't looking for a happy family reunion, either.


How long was Dean given after making a deal to bring his brother back?

After Dean makes a deal, Sam does everything he can to break it, but when the hellhounds come calling, Dean has no where to run.


What creature does Crowley think will lead him to Purgatory?

Alphas are the original monsters that started lines of monsters like vampires, werewolves, and shape shifters. They are hunted down by Crowley because he believes they will lead him to Purgatory.


How does Bobby get paralyzed?

Bobby gets possessed by the demon, Meg, who forces him to kill Dean Winchester. However, Bobby gains control of the demon long enough to stab himself with a demon knife and release her from his body.


Which of the following bloods are NOT used to kill Dick Roman?

The Winchesters know that Crowley made a deal with Dick Roman where Crowley agreed to give the boys the wrong blood. When the Winchesters confront him about it, he says they will have to decide if its real or not, but of course, he assures them that it is real.


Which of these characters died first in the show?

John Winchester made a deal with a demon to bring Dean back in exchange for his own life.


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