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The Karate Kid is hailed as one of the more memorable movies of the 1980s. Lauded by critics and fans alike, the film touched many hearts back then, and it is still loved by old and new fans today. Think you know enough about this popular film? Take this quiz to find out!

The Karate Kid centers on the new life of which American teenager?

Daniel is an East Coast teen who movies to a new school on the West Coast. He was played by Ralph Macchio.


Daniel and his mom were originally from which East Coast state?

Daniel grew up in Newark, New Jersey. So coming over to the West Coast is a bit of a shock for him.


Where in California did Daniel and his mom relocate?

The laidback sunny life of Los Angeles is a welcome scene for Daniel’s mother, Lucille. But it’s a bit darker for the angsty teen.


Daniel is befriended by a fellow teen, Freddy, who invites him to a party that takes place in what kind of location?

It’s good that Daniel is open to socialize with other kids. A beach party in California is one way to meet new people indeed.


Daniel’s new apartment complex has a regular maintenance man. What is his name?

Mr. Miyagi is a diminutive balding old man. He was played by Pat Morita.


When Daniel first meets Mr. Miyagi, the old man is doing this eccentric thing with his chopsticks.

Mr. Miyagi’s fly-catching using his chopsticks appears as eccentric to Daniel. So he doesn’t warm up to the guy at first.


Daniel was playing this sport with a few guy friends at the beach prior to the night party.

Soccer playing at the beach seems to be an “in thing” with teenagers in California. It’s also a good way of meeting girls hanging out at the beach.


During the night beach party, Daniel meets a girl, Ali, whom the boys referred to as what?

The teen boys referred to Ali as “the hills” when Daniel asked them who she is. Ali was played by Elisabeth Shue.


Ali’s ex-boyfriend, Johnny, crashed the beach party with his group of friends. What were they riding?

Motorcycle-riding Johnny and his gang approached the beach party. Johnny wanted to talk to his ex Ali, but ended up having a fight with Daniel.


Daniel tried to hide the black eye he got in the fight, but his mom detected it. What did he use to hide it?

Daniel wore sunglasses inside the house the next day. But his mom wanted to see his “baby browns” so he had to take them off, exposing his black eye.


Daniel uses this personal mode of transportation to go to school and ride around town.

Daniel seems to be comfortable using a bicycle around town. It also gives him some exercise.


Daniel seems to be into this other sport, which he partly practices out of a book.

Mr. Miyagi observed one day that Daniel was practicing karate by reading from a book. Daniel told the maintenance man that he also learned some karate back in Newark.


Daniel tried to check out a place in town where karate is being taught. What is it called?

Dojo is indeed a Japanese term. But it has come to mean any place where Japanese forms of martial arts are studied.


Johnny’s gang seems to be on a mission to do this evil thing to Daniel whenever they see him.

Johnny’s motorbike gang ran off Daniel in his bike in their attempt to bully him. This resulted in Daniel’s bike being broken, along with his spirit and confidence.


Mr. Miyagi always replies to Daniel with the word “hai.” What does it mean?

Hai is the Japanese term for yes. Mr. Miyagi says it with a heavy Japanese accent.


When Daniel went to thank Mr. Miyagi for fixing his bike, he found the old man tending to what kind of plants?

Bonsai is a way of cultivating trees that are planted in smaller containers. It’s a Japanese art form.


Mr. Miyagi revealed that he is originally from which part of Japan?

Okinawa is in the southern part of Japan as Mr. Miyagi stated. It’s surrounded by water, the reason his father was a fisherman.


This kind of holiday was coming up, and Daniel was half-hearted about the upcoming school dance connected to the holiday.

Halloween time often means having a school dance, in addition to trick-or-treating. Daniel tries to enjoy the dance with Ali who spots him there.


Daniel finally went to the Halloween dance wearing this unique costume.

Mr. Miyagi finally convinced Daniel to not be a loner and attend the dance. The inventive handyman made him the unique shower costume for this purpose.


In the Halloween dance, Daniel tries to exact revenge on Johnny by dousing him with water while the bully was inside this enclosure.

Johnny was chilling inside a restroom cubicle while rolling a joint. When he and the joint got wet, of course he wanted revenge on Daniel.


Mr. Miyagi spots Daniel getting beaten up by Johnny and his gang after the Halloween incident. This was when Daniel discovers something about the quirky old man. What is this discovery?

According to Mr. Miyagi, his family knew two things in Okinawa: fish and karate. That’s why he was able to defeat five guys at once, with his fighting skills.


What is the last solution to a problem, according to Mr. Miyagi?

For a martial artist, fighting seems to be the way of life. But the real art of karate means not fighting first.


Mr. Miyagi and Daniel went to Johnny’s dojo to hopefully talk to their teacher so the bullies will leave Daniel alone. Instead, Mr. Miyagi ended up doing this to Daniel.

Johnny’s dojo teacher seems to be more merciless than his students. Mr. Miyagi thought of entering a fighting arena where the rules could be fair for Daniel, hence the karate tournament.


Mr. Miyagi brings Daniel to his home so they can begin karate training for the tournament. What does the old man make him do first?

Mr. Miyagi turns out to have a collection of classic cars at his home. For his first karate training, he makes Daniel wash and wax them.


What are Mr. Miyagi’s instructions to Daniel on washing and waxing the cars?

The famous “wax on, wax off” instructions became one of the most memorable lines of The Karate Kid. It's been used and parodied in pop culture over the decades.


Ali and Daniel finally go out on a date. What is the name of the place where they date?

Daniel says that his date with Ali has been the best time he's had since they moved to California. Many activities in Golf ’n’ Stuff made the date memorable for them.


Daniel’s next training in Mr. Miyagi’s home is using a pair of Japanese wood sanders. What did Daniel sand?

Mr. Miyagi’s very Japanese-style house is made of wood, even the floors. Daniel’s training had him sanding it, with each hand going in a circular motion.


The next day, Daniel is in for more training, this time doing what with Mr. Miyagi’s wooden fences?

Mr. Miyagi wanted Daniel to paint the wooden fences, taking turns with his left and right hand for each alternating board. His instruction is “wrist up, wrist down."


Daniel’s further training had him painting more. This time, what is he painting?

To paint the whole house, Daniel had to do the wrist up, wrist down motion. But this time it’s “side to side."


Mr. Miyagi brought Daniel to the beach so he could kick the waters and learn to have this.

Keeping one’s balance is important in karate, says Mr. Miyagi. He emphasizes that it’s also important in other aspects of life.


In a not-so-sober moment, Daniel discovers that Mr. Miyagi had a wife and child. What happened to them?

Daniel arrived in Mr. Miyagi’s home to find that he is drinking and celebrating an anniversary in connection to his wife. Mr. Miyagi turns out to have been a sergeant in World War II when his wife died giving birth to their child.


Since it’s his birthday and he just got his driver’s license, Mr. Miyagi gives Daniel one of these.

Mr. Miyagi gave Daniel the yellow-colored classic car for his birthday. It’s an additional gift, aside from the friendship they have.


During the tournament, the Cobra Kai sensei ordered one of his students to do an illegal move on Daniel. What part of Daniel's body was severely injured in the process?

The illegal kick on the leg didn’t dampen Daniel’s spirit. But it disqualified his opponent and qualified our hero to face Johnny in the final heat of the tournament.


In his final pivotal moment at the tournament, a nearly defeated Daniel finally knocked off the enemy. What technique did he use?

Daniel saw Mr. Miyagi doing the crane stance and crane kick when they were at the beach. He got inspired to use it since his other leg was a bit limping, imitating the crane stance.


The theme song of the film became synonymous with underdog-themed narratives where anyone could have a fighting chance. What is the title of the song?

"Moment of Truth" became an anthem for underdog narratives, thanks to The Karate Kid film. The song was performed by the group aptly named Survivor.


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