Straight, Curly or Crimped: Which Hairstyle Is Most Flattering on You?

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When it comes to hairstyles, there are hundreds of popular trends and styles to pick from. Knowing which style reflects your personality or lifestyle may be difficult to pin down. The best thing about hair is that if you make a mistake, it will eventually grow out and it can be changed daily. This head topper is fun to change up, experiment with and make adventurous decisions about. 

Do you want to make a statement when it comes to hairstyles, or would you rather just blend in beautifully into the crowds? Those are some of the questions we might need to know when trying to capture your best style. We chose three different hairdos to nail down, crimped, curly or straight. All of these can be achieved with a little bit of work and planning. 

Straight hair was a big deal in the '70s; girls even ironed their hair to get that straight signature look. And who could forget those poodle perms of the '80s or "The Rachel" in the '90s? Today, anything goes with color, length, and hair fashion do's and don'ts. From shaved heads to ultra-long, and anything in between can be seen walking down the fashion runways of Paris and New York. We'll find the best choice for you based on your answers. What's it going to be - crimped, curly or straight? Take this quiz, and we will tell you the best style so you can get to hair-doing it. Have fun.  

What does your routine look like in the morning?

When it comes to your signature style, what best describes your favorite must-have style?

If you could choose one vintage look, what would that be?

When it comes to shopping for a fashion bargain, how do you feel about second-hand shops?

When you think about "The Rachel" hairdo, what statement best describes you?

You are a pet enthusiast; what kind of dog would you love to have to most match your style?

If you could be any Peanut's Character, who would it be?

When it comes to nightlife, what is your favorite fun spot?

If you could have any job in the world, what would that be?

If you won the lottery, where would be the first place you'd go on vacation?

When thinking about wearing a freshly​ pressed pair of fitting dress slacks, what first comes to mind?

Of these singers' style, which one do you envy the most?

If you could embody one of these great athletes of the past, which one would it be?

How would you describe your stress level and how you handle difficult situations?

Speaking of wearing wigs, what would you consider a fun look to try out?

Which generation do you identify with the most?

There is nothing wrong with going "au naturel" when it comes to beauty. What best describes your feeling about that?

Take a look in the mirror and tell us about your eye color; which is closest to yours?

You are at an award-winning Italian joint; what pasta do you choose?

When you go on a fancy dinner date, what kind of salad do you order as an appetizer?

When cozied up to your date, you run your fingers through their hair; what are your first thoughts?

When you go on a hot outdoor adventure, how do you like to get your hair-ready?

Some people like every hair in place and clothes to match; when it comes to being a perfectionist, how do you stack up?

When you are slammed and busy on the go, how do you cope with staying in style?

When choosing flattering make-up, what tones do you usually go for?

Let's think about your face; which best describes your overall face shape?

Let's talk about your eyes, which shape best describes you?

Now let's look in a full-length mirror, how would you describe your overall body shape?

Legs, legs, legs - how do you describe those gams?

How would you describe your perfect kiss?

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