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Step by Step, Day by Day (DAY BY DAAAY!) How well do you remember this TV show? It's time to head back to the good ol' hours of TGIF to see if you can answer all of these questions!

Step by Step was part of the TGIF Friday night lineup on which network?

The show actually moved to CBS for it's final season.


In which year did Step by Step premiere?

Step by Step premiered on September 20, 1991!


For how many seasons did Step by Step run?

It's final episode was on June 26, 1998.


Frank ________ is a divorced contractor with three children.

Frank Lambert is played by actor Patrick Duffy.


In which city does Step by Step take place?

The show is set in a fictional version of Port Washington, Wisconsin.


_______ Foster is a single mom who also has three children.

Carol Foster is single because she is a widow.


What is Carol's occupation?

Carol runs a beauty salon in a room attached to her kitchen.


Where did Frank and Carol meet?

Frank and Carol met while vacationing separately in Jamaica.


What did Frank and Carol do impulsively that upset their children?

After a whirlwind courtship, Carol and Frank got married shortly after they met in Jamaica!


What is the name of the baby that Frank and Carol have together?

Lilly is born in the season finale of season 4. By season 6 she was already 5 years old!


What is the name of Frank's nephew?

Cody Lambert was introduced early in season 1 as a recurring character and became a regular during seasons 2-6.


Where did Cody live?

Cody is portrayed by actor Sasha Mitchell who is also known for his role as James Beaumont on Dallas.


Frank Lambert's three children are:

John Thomas, Brendan and Alicia.


What is Alicia's nickname?

Her boyish nickname suited her tomboyish character.


What is John Thomas' nickname?

JT Lambert is played by actor Brandon Call and was nominated several years in a row for a Young Artist Award for his work on Step by Step.


Who is the youngest of Frank's children?

Brendan Lambert is portrayed by Josh Byrne who was just 7 years old when he began acting on Step by Step.


Who does JT call "Barky"?

JT and Dana, both the eldest children in Frank and Carol's families, are often at odds with each other.


Who does Cody have a crush on?

Cody has an unrequited crush on Dana despite the fact that they are related through marriage!


Carol's three children are:

Carol's children are Dana, Karen and Mark


Who is Carol's nerdy son?

Mark Foster is portrayed by actor Christopher Castile. He has a love for computers and academics in his early years.


Which is Frank's favorite sports team?

Both Frank and his son JT are avid sports fans and love the Packers.


Which of the children is an aspiring model?

Carol's daughter Karen is often portrayed as vain and not very intelligent.


Which actress plays the role of leading lady Carol Foster?

Suzanne Somers appears in all 160 episodes of Step by Step.


What is the theme song to Step by Step?

Second Time Around was performed by Jesse Frederick and Teresa James


Where is the family during the opening credits of Step by Step?

The opening credits scenes were shot at Six Flags Magic Mountain in Valencia, California.


What was the running time of each episode WITH commercials?

Each episode was about 23 minutes long plus 7 minutes of commercials.


Step by Step is sometimes considered an unoriginal clone of which older TV show?

The Brady Bunch also had two single parents with three kids each who got married and all moved in together.


Which of the seven children did not appear in the final season of Step by Step?

Brendan Lambert's character was written out of the series when the show moved from ABC to CBS.


What is the name of the handyman who is hired to work at Frank's construction company?

Flash was actually hired by Carol to work for Frank. Though an eager beaver, he never quite got any instructions right!


What is the name of Carol's younger sister who appears only in season 1?

Penny Baker is Carol's man-hungry younger sister who works in the salon with Carol.


Who is JT's girlfriend who worked as a mechanic?

Samantha Milano was played by Alexandra Adi - she appeared as JT's on-again off-again girlfriend in seasons 6 and 7.


Which of JT's friends did Dana start dating in season 6?

Rich Halke was played by actor Jason Marsden. He made appearances in seasons 3 and 5 -7.


Who is Jean-Luc?

Jean-Luc Rieupeyroux is played by actor Bronson Pinchot who is best known for his role on Perfect Strangers as Balki Bartokomous.


Who is Ivy Baker?

Ivy Baker only appeared in season 1. She was portrayed by actress Peggy Rea who often plays matronly characters on television.


What time did Step by Step originally air?

From 1991 - 1993, Step by Step aired at 8:30pm before moving to 9:00pm from 1993 - 1996, and then to 10:00pm in its final season 1996 - 1997.


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