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In 2005, Christopher Nolan brought another Batman film to life. Sharing the tales of the masked vigilante, the film brought to life Batman and a few of his foes. How well do you remember the film? Find out with this quiz!

Which actor stars as Bruce Wayne in "Batman Begins?"

Starting with the 2005 rendition of Batman, Christian Bale stars as Bruce Wayne, the businessman turned masked vigilante.

What continent is Bruce on when Ducard finds him?

When Henri Ducard finds Bruce Wayne, he is being held in a prison for stealing. He was subsequently placed in solitary confinement for a fight started by the other prisoners.

What color is the flower that Bruce Wayne delivers to Ducard?

When Bruce Wayne first meets Ducard, he is told to bring him a flower and climb to the top of the mountain if he wants to be trained by Ra's al Ghul and join the League of Shadows.

What does young Bruce Wayne fear?

When a young Bruce Wayne falls down a well on his family's property, he is almost attacked by a flock of bats, and develops a fear for them. He later loses that fear.

What's the name of Bruce's butler?

After the death of Bruce's parents, their butler, Alfred Pennyworth continues to watch over Bruce, long after his parents have passed.

Where were Bruce and his parents when they were murdered?

When the Waynes go to an opera, Bruce asks to leave when he is frightened by the bats on stage. While leaving through a back alley, Bruce's parents are mugged and shot.

What city does Ra's al Ghul plan to destroy?

When Bruce is asked to lead the League of Shadows, they have plans to destroy Gotham City. When Bruce learns of their plans, he blows up their base.

Who does Ducard blame the Waynes' death on?

While Bruce and Ducard are training, Ducard points out that Bruce blames himself for the death of his parents. Ducard then points blame at Thomas Wayne for his lack of action during the incident.

What form of training does Bruce learn while in the League of Shadows?

When Bruce begins his training with the League of Shadows, he is told that they are learning the fighting form of Ninjutsu, which is heavily based on "deception and theatricality."

What are Thomas Wayne's final words to Bruce?

His fears are something that Bruce can be seen discussing with his father prior to his death. As Bruce helplessly watched his father die, his father's last words were "Don't be afraid."

Who killed Bruce's parents?

When Joe Chill is up for early release after making a deal with the D.A., Bruce shows up at the hearing with plans to kill him afterwards.

What must Bruce do in order to become leader of the League of Shadows?

At the end of Bruce's training, in order to lead the League of Shadows, he is given the task of executing a prisoner. He refuses, stating that he is not an executioner.

Who does Bruce first confront about taking down Falcone?

When Bruce first dresses up in all black, he goes to Gordon and questions him about the police and government's lack of action in taking down Falcone. Before leaving, Bruce tells him that they are now a team of two.

When Bruce decides to leave Gotham City, what does he give to a homeless man?

After his first encounter with Falcone, Bruce decides to leave Gotham City and roam the world to understand the true meaning of desperation. Before he leaves, he gifts a homeless man on the street with his coat.

Who helps Bruce with the tools and weapons for his Batman persona?

When Bruce begins creating the gear and artillery for Batman, he enlists the help of Lucius Fox, a worker for Wayne Enterprises who knows the ins and outs of the weapons.

What activity does Bruce tell Lucius he's interested in when asking for the nomex survival suit?

When Bruce is looking for equipment to help him develop Batman, Lucius shows him a tear-proof suit made of nomex. When Lucius asks him what he needs it for, Bruce tells him that he's going spelunking.

The caves beneath the Wayne Mansion were used during what war?

While Alfred is helping Bruce explore the caves underneath his house, he reveals that his ancestors used the area to house runaway slaves as a part of the Underground Railroad.

Who is Gordon's corrupt partner?

James Gordon, a cop on the Gotham City police force, is one of the only officers ready to take down Falcone. His own partner, Arnold Flass, is corrupt and working with the Mafia boss.

What is the name of Crane's facilities?

Jonathan Crane works at Arkham Asylum where he has manufactured a drug that induces fear. He has helped many criminals evade jail time by sending them to the asylum.

What is the name of Crane's alter ego?

When Crane goes to speak to Falcone, he doses him with the fear-inducing drug and puts on a mask. While at the Arkham Asylum, Falcone can be seen in a drug-induced state, mumbling "Scarecrow."

Which actress plays Rachel?

Katie Holmes stars as Rachel Dawes in the 2005 film, "Batman Begins." She works as an assistant D.A. who is trying to take down the Mafia boss, Falcone.

While under the effects of his own drug, for whom does Crane say he's working?

When Batman uses the fear-inducing drug on Crane, he reveals that he is working for Ra's al Ghul to poison the people of Gotham.

What was Crane using to poison the people of Gotham?

When Batman reveals Crane's plans to Gordon, he lets him know that they have slowly been poisoning the people of Gotham with the fear-inducing drug through the water supply.

What item created by Wayne Enterprises has gone missing?

Wayne Enterprises created a microwave emitter that has the ability to vaporize water. It goes missing and when Lucius Fox begins asking too many questions, he gets fired.

Who fires Lucius Fox?

When Bruce's parents die, William Earle is named CEO. Having taken over the company while Bruce was gone, he fires Lucius Fox shortly after his return.

On what day does Ra's Al Ghul return to Gotham City?

On Bruce's birthday, Henri Ducard reveals himself to be Ra's al Ghul. Ra's has returned to release the fear-inducing drug on the Gotham City population.

For which of these is the League of Shadows not responsible?

When Ra's al Ghul was talking to Bruce about the League of Shadows and their 'work' in destruction, he brings up a few historical events for which they were responsible.

Who does Ra's al Ghul release to help bring destruction to Gotham City?

When Ra's al Ghul comes to Gotham City, he releases the prisoners inside of Crane's facility, Arkham Asylum, to help destroy Gotham City once and for all.

Who saves Bruce from the fire inside his mansion?

Since the death of Bruce's father, Alfred has assumed the role of surrogate father to Bruce. When Ra's al Ghul leaves Bruce to die underneath a burning log, Alfred comes to his rescue.

What household item in Wayne Manor leads to the bat cave?

In order to get down into the bat cave, Bruce or Alfred must play a few notes on the piano before being led to an elevator which travels down into the bat cave.

Who drives the Batmobile while Batman is going after the monorail?

When Batman is going after Ra's al Ghul inside the monorail headed for Wayne Tower, Gordon is driving the Batmobile to help stop the dispersal of the drug.

What does Gordon end up destroying to stop the train from reaching Wayne Tower?

In order to stop the train from reaching Wayne Tower, Gordon uses the Batmobile to shoot down the train tracks. Batman is able to get away, while Ra's al Ghul plummets to his death.

Who is the new CEO of Wayne Enterprises?

After he is fired by William Earle, Lucius Fox is promoted to CEO of Wayne Enterprises when Bruce buys most of the shares of the company.

While looking through the rubble of his house, what does Bruce Wayne find that belonged to his father?

When Bruce is searching through the rubble of his house, he finds his father's stethoscope. We are then shown a flashback from earlier in the film where Thomas Wayne is letting Bruce listen to his heartbeat.

The end of the film hints that we will see what villain in the next movie?

At the end of the film, Gordon meets up with Batman to tell him about another villain who is in Gotham City. When he shows Batman the calling card, we see it is a Joker card.

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