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How well do you know Sheppard and his team?

Where do the Atlantis team members discover that they can get to Atlantis?

At the Ancient Outpost Base on Antarctica, Dr. Jackson from SG-1 discovers the last Chevon that will take them to Atlantis.


Dr. Jackson discovers that there are eight ______ instead of the seven used to travel in our galaxy?

Eight chevrons equals seven points in space; six being a planet, one being a new galaxy, and one being the point of origin.


Atlantis is a flying ______?

The Ancients made Atlantis into a flying city for easy escape when needed and for exploration of other worlds and galaxies.


Atlantis is in the _______ galaxy?

According to Dr. Jackson, Pegasus is a dwarf galaxy in a local group.


A person must have the Ancient ______ to work Atlantis technology?

It's a rare gene used as a genetic key so that only the Ancients could power their technology. Humans are the second evaloution of this form, which is why some humans carry the gene.


Who on the team has the Ancient gene and is a natural with the technology?

Sheppard is played by Joe Flanigan who can be seen in a variety of guest spots since the conclusion of the show including 'Major Crimes.'


What form of energy does it take to power the gate to travel to Atlantis and then sustain the flying city?

The ancient power source is a Zero-Point Module which dervives it's' power from vacuum energy derived form a self-contained region of sub-space time.


What does Lt. Ford want to call the spaceships from Atlantis?

Sheppard renames it as a Puddle Jumper. McKay's upset as he prefers Gate Ship.


Who is in charge of the Atlantis expedition?

Dr. Weir is in charge of the expedition until Season Four when she was healed by the Asurans Replicator nanites that were left dormant in her body from when she was infected by Niam. As a result of this treatment, she became part-Replicator (part-Asuran) and was killed by the Asurans.


When the expedition first gets to Atlantis, it's _________?

There's a force field holding back the water.


What does Lt. Ford want to name the planet where Atlantis is found?

Lt. Ford figures the name fits in well with the city of Atlantis. Sheppard reminds him that he is not allowed to name things.


What personal item did Sheppard bring to Atlantis?

Sheppard, Ford, and McKay watch a Doug Flutie football game and try to explain the game to Teyla.


How long can the Stargate stay active?

Viewers find this out in "Thirty-Eight Minutes" in season one when the Puddle Jumper is stuck in the Stargate.


What is the name of Teyla's people?

The Athosians were a formerly technologically advanced-turned primitive hunter-gatherer like human culture native to the Pegasus galaxy, from the planet Athos.


Who is the leading medical doctor on the team?

Dr. Beckett is played by Paul McGillion and can be seen in 'Tomboy, a Revenger's Tale.'


What evil threatens the Atlantis team?

The Wraith are a vampire-like telepathic race who feed on the "life-force" of humans, and are the dominant power in the Pegasus galaxy.


What causes Atlantis to rise up out of the ocean?

After the team first arrives in Atlantis, they use far too much power exploring and the city. When the power fails, it triggers the city to rise to the surface.


What is McKay allergic to?

Sheppard carries around a lemon in his pocket just in case he needs to threaten McKay.


What is McKay's first name?

McKay hates the name Meredith so much which is why he goes by Rodney. When Sheppard finds out McKay's first name is actually Meredith, he gets teased about it.


Which scientist does McKay argue the most with?

Dr. Zelenka is a scientist from the Czech Republic and a member of the original expedition from Earth to the Ancient city of Atlantis in the Pegasus galaxy. His expertise on Ancient technology is only surpassed by Dr. McKay, with whom he shares a friendly rivalry.


What is the name given to the Wraith that ends up being an allies of the Atlantis team?

Todd the Wraith is played by Christopher Heyerdahl who also plays Halling.


Who plays Dr. McKay?

David makes an appearance on all three Stargate series: SG-1, Atlantis, and Universe. He can be seen in the TV series 'Incorporated.'


Who is McKay's genius sister?

Jeannie is played by David Hewitt's real-life sister Kate Hewlett.


After Sheppard kills the Wraith Queen, what happens to the ones that sleep?

The Queen tells Sheppard right before she dies that they were merely the caretakers for those that sleep when she dies, the others will awaken.


After Dr. Beckett, who is the team's medical doctor?

Dr. Keller is played by Jewel Staite who played Kaylee Frye on the cult-classic 'Firefly.'


Who is the muscle of Sheppard's team?

Ronon Dex is a Satedan. His homeworld of Sateda (P3R-534) was devastated several years ago by the Wraith. He was a member of the Satedan military where he held the rank of Specialist.


Who replaces Dr. Weir as the commander of Atlantis?

Samantha is an astrophysicist and United States Air Force Lieutenant Colonel, who was a main character for the entire run of Stargate SG-1. In season four, she is promoted to Colonel and given command of the Atlantis Expedition.


What happens to Lt. Ford after the Wraith attack?

He survives after having an overdose of Wraith enzyme and later develops a solid black left eye and becomes more aggressive and paranoid, fleeing Atlantis with a stolen Puddle Jumper.


When McKay is trapped in his Puddle Jumper underwater, who does he hallucinate to survive?

In "Grace Under Pressure, " while, Dr. Radek Zelenka and Lt. Colonel John Sheppard find a way to save him, McKay hallucinates Lt. Colonel Samantha Carter to keep him company.


What is the name of the civilian oversight committee that has control of the Atlantis Expedition and also of funding, and approves any missions involving Atlantis or Earth's battle cruisers?

The IOA was created after the United States and Russia revealed the existence of the Stargate Program to the other permanent members of the UN Security Council in SG-1 season six's "Disclosure".


Who is the object of adoration by an entire village?

The team learns that he uses a herb to make those around him vulnerable to suggestion, and Sheppard and Dr. Beckett develop an antidote. They do run into Lucius another again on another planet.


Who replaces Samantha Carter as the leader of the Atlantis expedition?

Richard is played by Robert Picardo who played The Doctor in 'Star Trek: Voyager.'


Who is the wraith that the team turns into a human?

A Wraith who the Atlantis Expedition transformed into a human in season 2's "Michael" in their first successful test of Dr. Carson Beckett's Wraith retrovirus. As the process eliminates memory, Atlantis personnel give Michael a fabricated history and attempt to integrate him into the city, but Michael eventually learns the truth. He escapes custody and reverts into a Wraith, rejoining his people.


What are the Genii?

The Genii appear to be simple farmers but are in fact a military society with technology comparable to late 1940s Earth.


Who does McKay fall in love with?

McKay falls in love with Keller, who eventually reciprocates his feelings, and they become romantically involved. In the season finale (also the series finale), "Enemy at the Gate."


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