Spend a Day at Hogwarts and We'll Tell You Which House You Really Belong In!

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Who needs a sorting hat when you can take a quiz? As Dumbledore so wisely reminds us in the Chamber of Secrets, “It is our choices that show what we truly are, far more than our ability.”We’ll follow you through a day at Hogwarts, examining every little detail, weaseling out every nuance to your personality until we reach the perfect conclusion. Dive head first into the wizarding world full of ghosts, basilisks, hipogriffs, trolls, death eaters, pygmy puffs, and so much more.

Not a stone was left unturned in Rowling’s creation of the wizarding world. Part of what makes the magic so captivating is her ability to present us with a fully formed universe that can make us feel removed from life, but is still familiar and plausible. The bewitching world left many of us anxious to receive our very own Hogwarts letter, while it left others hoping the owl that was supposed to deliver it was only running a few years behind schedule.

Well, the time has come, and we’re here to present you with your Hogwarts admittance letter! Travel through a day where you’ll decided which classes are best for you, which teachers to avoid, and which portraits might give you the best bits of advice. Who knew that the portrait of Anne Boleyn on the grand staircase near the second-floor landing gave superb relationship advice, or that the painting of Basil Fronsac in the library was willing to tutor you in Greek so long as you knew the right questions to ask? Meet with the students and see who your friends will be and which ones will most certainly end up your enemies. Do you find you’re like Fred and George, sliding through the corridors with the help of the Marauder’s map — do you solemnly swear you are up to no good? Or perhaps you share more in common with Luna Lovegood, preferring to keep your wand stuck distinctly behind your left ear and wondering which came first, the phoenix or the flame?

In entering J.K. Rowling’s world we step into a school filled with rich heritage, secret corridors, moving staircases, glamorous balls, robes, and endless feasts. A school where Gryffindor’s prowl — brave, daring, and chivalrous; Ravenclaw’s consider — wisdom, intelligence, and creative; Hufflepuff’s care — loyal, dedicated, and fair; and Slytherin’s plot — cunning, ambitious, and determined. So much magic can certainly make muggle schools seem incredibly boring and lacking in…well, magic!

Spend a day at Hogwarts and we’ll tell you which house you really belong in. After all — this time it’s not up to the sorting hat. But no matter what the answer may be, Hogwarts will always be there to welcome you home. Always. Take our quiz to find out which house you’d call home!

Time to go to Hogwarts. How are you getting there?

Which ghost are you most excited to meet?

It's a new day and your first class is in an hour. What do you eat for breakfast first?

What class do you go to first?

But which teacher are you most hesitant to meet?

Professor Snape asks you to make him a potion. Which do you make?

During Care of Magical Creatures, Hagrid asks you what your favorite creature is. What do you say?

What class are you choosing as your elective?

Which of these people would you instantly be friends with?

But which Hogwarts student would you not be able to tolerate?

Which team are you rooting for in Quidditch?

What position would you play in the game?

What are you doing during your free period?

For which of the following reasons would a teacher take 5 points from your house, because of you?

Which of these detentions sounds like the worst?

What's the scariest place in Hogwarts?

The Hogsmeade trip is finally here. Where are you going first?

What are you getting from Zonko's?

Which Three Broomsticks drink are you looking forward to trying?

And what sweets would you get from Honeydukes?

What are you bringing to Dervish and Banges to have repaired?

How did you get the Marauder's Map?

Which Marauder would you be?

Where in Hogwarts would you explore if you had the map and the Invisibility Cloak in hand?

Which talking portrait would you like to have a conversation with?

The Yule Ball is right around the corner. Who are you going with?

What would your teachers tell you parents about you?

If you were to be expelled, for which reason would it be?

How are you most likely to graduate?

The term is officially over. What kind of grades did you get?

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