Spend a Day in 1924 and We'll Guess Which Historic Celebrity You Would Have Been!

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Celebrity is tied to time as much as any human cultural element. Those who are celebrities today may not be celebrities in a decade, a year, a month, or even a day. Celebrity only exists because the conditions in the world are right at the time, so the celebrities of yesteryear could never make it today, just as the stars of today probably won't be able to make it in 30 years.

Every generation has its definitive celebrities. In the 1990s, it was boy bands, late night hosts, a few singers, and the cast of Baywatch. In the 1980s, stars from the 1970s like David Bowie changed and helped define the aesthetic of their time, while Astronauts became celebrities, and martyrs. In the 1970s, having a poster was a sure sign you were a celebrity, and in the 1960s, getting on Ed Sullivan was the sure fire way to fame and riches. No two celebrities represent the same thing, and no two stars "made it" the same way. 

Let's go back in time together, to 1924, the interwar years. You have a day all to yourself, do to with as you wish. How will you spend 24 hours in 1924? And what does that mean for your '20s celebrity?

Where will you shack up while in town?

What time are you getting out of bed?

What's for breakfast?

What are you doing before heading out the door?

How will you get your workout?

Where do you go in the morning?

Do you worry about people seeing you and stopping you in the street?

Who will you be seeing there?

What will you be doing with them?

What time will you split up?

What are your plans for lunch?

How long will you spend eating and relaxing?

Where are you headed after lunch?

Do you worry people will recognize you there?

Who will you go there with?

What are you doing with them this afternoon?

Do you plan on buying any souvenirs this afternoon?

When will you start to get ready for the evening?

How will you put on your game face for going out?

What will you wear?

What time will you plan on having dinner?

Where will you go for dinner?

Will you make a scene at dinner?

Are you part of the entertainment at the restaurant?

How late do you stay at the dinner venue?

Where do you go for the after-dinner party?

Who do you go with?

What do you do there?

How much do you drink at this party?

What time do you turn in for the night?

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