Spend a bunch of Money on things you don't need from Amazon and we'll tell you which Game of Thrones character you are

By: Mark Lichtenstein
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If there are two things, you can draw a line between, it's junk purchased on Amazon and being a specific character on "Game of Thrones." George R. R. Martin actually writes by perusing Amazon for the crap he doesn't need, and then gets into a character's headspace, inhabiting them. Let's do that here.

Cheapo flip-flops are on sale. Do you flip out?

Amazon has said you might like an old timey Ka-Bar army knife. Do you cut a deal?

There's a giant container of Myoplex protein powder for sale, but it'll go off in just a couple months. Are you thirsty to get your money's worth?

There's a pen sale. What pen do you look for?

Do you really need a radio controlled car that looks like R2D2?

What form of book do you like best?

There's a flash kindle book sale. What do you look for?

There's a survival gear deal today. What do you buy?

You need a notepad for a trip you're going on. What kind do you buy?

You are in the market for a new smartphone. What do you buy?

What toy do you buy to satisfy your inner child?

Your best friend surprises you by saying they've won the lottery and they want to buy something from your Amazon wish list and price is no object. What do you ask them for?

What type of collar do you get for your shirt when you order from Amazon's Button Down?

What robotic vaccum cleaner do you like best?

You're going on a trip! What watch do you bring?

What premium network do you subscribe to?

What external RAID do you buy from Amazon?

You like gaming. What laptop do you order from Amazon?

What "body wipes" do you get from Amazon?

What keychain do you order from Amazon?

You need a light switch. Which do you order from Amazon?

What gaming chair would you order from Amazon?

What fridge magnets do you buy?

What pocket-sized moisturizer do you wear?

Which 3D printer would you order from Amazon for your big DIY project?

Which Field Notes do you buy for your art history class notes?

You need a can opener. Which one do you buy from Amazon?

What "coding for dummies" book do you buy from Amazon?

What piece of patio furniture do you buy from Amazon?

What self-help book do you buy from Amazon?

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