Spend $30 at the Dollar Store and We'll Guess Your Psychological Age

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There is nothing more fun than going to the dollar store without a list. If you're just browsing at the dollar store, your creativity starts to flow, and you start believing that you can make all of those things that you pinned to your social media sites. The best part about dollar store shopping is that you don't necessarily need to know what you're there for ... the dollar store will show you what you need to buy. However, there are some who go to the dollar store because of their great prices (and you never have to ask how much something costs ... unless you want to annoy the employees).

What you buy at the dollar store says a lot about you. If you're a crafter, your shopping cart will rat you out. If you are a great cook, your shopping cart will show some interesting ingredients that are way too expensive at the grocery store (even if those ingredients are about a minute away from expiring). 

One of the most telling things your dollar store shopping cart will give away is your psychological age. Don't believe us? Spend $30 at the dollar store, and we'll prove it to you.

When you first walk into the dollar store, there is always a seasonal rack. Which seasonal rack would you purchase an item from?

What is the first thing that is going into your cart?

Which of these items in the party section are you most likely to buy?

Your dollar store has a freezer section. What are you buying?

You're in the toiletries aisle, and you're standing in front of the nail section. What is going in your cart?

What do you need from the bath section?

In the produce section, what are you most likely going to pick?

Which spice will you pick from the dollar store spice rack?

Walking down the children's aisle, what are you most likely to add to your cart?

What kind of paper do you need from the dollar store?

Of these canned goods, which one is most likely to end up in your cart?

Your dollar store has Mylar balloons. Which one are you buying?

As you're checking out, what do you grab from the impulse-buy racks?

Which of these would you choose from the snack aisle?

What kind of card will you buy?

What is most likely to end up in your cart from the home and garden section?

When you're in the baking aisle, what is the first thing you'll grab?

Which dairy product would you buy at the dollar store?

Dollar stores are full of coffee mugs. Which one are you buying?

What kind of candy will you choose?

What do you buy every time you walk into the dollar store?

What item will you buy from the cleaning supplies section?

The clearance rack has everything for a quarter or 50 cents. How would you spend a dollar here?

What toy would you grab from the shelves?

What kind of pasta are you buying?

What dollar store item will help you complete your Halloween costume?

Which of these items would you buy, even if it was expired?

When you're ready to leave the store, what catches your eye that you have to have in your cart?

Which item do you need from the kitchen utensils section?

Of these household necessities, which one is in your cart?

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