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"Rebecca" was a very successful film based on a very successful novel. Shot in black and white, this opus by master suspense filmmaker Alfred Hitchcock produced styles and presented characters that lingered throughout global pop culture. Dare to remember the tale of Rebecca in this ultimate fan quiz!

The story of Rebecca was first penned as a novel by Daphne du Maurier. What is the famed author’s nationality?

Despite having a French-sounding name, Daphne du Maurier was an English author. She was well-celebrated with the release of the intriguing story of Rebecca.


This famed theater and film actor played the lead role of the brooding affluent widower, Mr. de Winter.

Sir Laurence Olivier was a respected Shakespearean actor who also played many memorable film roles. His stage training was perfect to bring the brooding widower role of Mr. de Winter to life — or lack of life, that is.


The beautiful Hollywood actress, Joan Fontaine, played the role of the narrator in the film. She later becomes the second Mrs. de Winter. What is her character’s name?

In the original "Rebecca" novel, the narrator -- who becomes the second Mrs. de Winter -- doesn’t have a name. Hitchcock did the same for the film, and didn’t give Fontaine’s character a name, other than Mrs. de Winter.


The film’s hotshot producer, David O. Selznick, was rewarded with this top honor at the Academy Awards, where the film was nominated several times.

David O. Selznick picked up the Academy Award for Best Picture for "Rebecca." A great job, despite the odds of putting it together!


The lead character narrating the story kept on mentioning Manderley, even before seeing it or getting there. What is it?

The opening scene reveals a huge estate called Manderley, which is located somewhere in the southern part of England. It is a structure that has been owned by a family for generations.


Where do the narrator and Mr. de Winter first encounter each other?

The narrator mentions that her life started to change when she went to the South of France. But it was in Monte Carlo where she encountered the brooding widower.


The narrator was with Mrs. Edythe Van Hopper, a rich socialite, in Monte Carlo. What was her role in Mrs. Van Hopper’s life?

A socialite like Mrs. Van Hopper employed the young woman narrator as her paid companion. It’s not exactly an assistant, but more like someone to keep her employer company wherever she may go. Sweet job!


During their first dinner conversation in Monte Carlo, it was revealed that the narrator’s father had talents in this kind of field, which also rubbed off on her. What field was it?

Through their dinner chit-chat, the lady narrator revealed that her late father was a painter. After dinner, she is seen sketching the profile of Mr. de Winter. And yes, a different picture is developing here…


When Mrs. Van Hopper got sick, her paid companion went out for tennis lessons. But this is what she was secretly doing.

Mr. de Winter caught the paid companion on her way to a tennis lesson that never happened. Since then, whenever she went out for a “tennis lesson,” she really went with Mr. de Winter as he drove his topdown car around town. Her employer never caught on. Sneaky!


Mr. de Winter hates being called Mr. de Winter, and prefers to be called this.

Mr. de Winter finds his title very formal, and would rather be called Maxim when addressed by the future second Mrs. de Winter. But everyone else can -- and should -- call him Mr. de Winter, especially if they’re serving him.


Maxim and the lady narrator’s daily meet-ups would be put to a halt when Mrs. Van Hopper suddenly decides to leave for New York. Why is she in a hurry?

Mrs. Van Hopper suddenly got a message about her daughter getting married. This unexpected turn of events set her paid companion in a panic mode of the utmost level!


When the lady narrator finally got a hold of Maxim to tell him about their sudden departure, this unexpected turn of event happened.

The frenzied paid companion slowly calmed down when she finally made sense of Maxim’s marriage proposal. But saying “I'm asking you to marry me, you little fool” ain’t that romantic a proposal, dude.


The title character, Rebecca, is always mentioned in the story, but never seen. Who is she?

The title role of Rebecca is revealed to be Maxim’s first wife. Apparently, she died, which made everyone think that it’s the reason for the widower’s constant brooding. Awww, poor chap.


Upon the new Mrs. de Winter's arrival in Manderley, she is introduced to the stoic Mrs. Danvers. What is her role in the huge estate?

The stoic Mrs. Danvers is Manderley's main housekeeper. She’s always dressed in dark colors, which matches her cold demeanor. Creepy lady!


Upon their arrival at Manderley, it was revealed to the second Mrs. de Winter that this time Maxim wanted to stay in the estate’s east wing. What is the reason for this?

Mrs. Danvers told the second Mrs. de Winter how Maxim explicitly wanted to start his new life with his second wife in the east wing. It was Mrs. Danvers who theorized that it was because there was no view of the sea there. Oh, really now?


Frank Crawley, Maxim’s friend, also had a role in Manderley, aside from being the owner’s pal. What was it?

The friendlier Frank Crawley is Manderley’s estate manager, so he knows the back stories of the place and its inhabitants. A good companion -- and source of knowledge -- for the newbie Mrs. de Winter!


Mrs. Danvers prefers to be in the west wing of Manderley, because she still manages the upkeep of this specific area there.

Mrs. Danvers has done a good job at preserving Rebecca’s original room in the west wing. All of her personal effects are still there, left as they were, a year after her death. Talk about museum pieces!


Manderley is so huge that it has one of these kinds of halls.

When the new Mrs. de Winter was being toured around Manderley, she saw the huge banquet hall where they said the public was admitted once a week. This gave her an idea of epic party proportions. Lay it on, sis!


The old Mrs. de Winter was said to have done her mail correspondences in this specific room.

There is a morning room in Manderley where Rebecca used to write letters. The new Mrs. de Winter also tried to use the room, but she felt awkwardly out of place there — or everywhere, for that matter.


There was a house pet in Manderley named Jasper. What kind of pet was it?

The small, black dog named Jasper was familiar with Rebecca. And with the arrival of the new Mrs. de Winter, he took a liking to her, too. Good boy!


Beatrice Lacy is Maxim's very first relative to meet his new bride. She and her husband are brought to dine with the new couple. What is her relation to Maxim?

Maxim's sister, Beatrice Lacy, was a bit overbearing with the new Mrs. de Winter at first, but later became friendlier. Her husband had other initial thoughts, though.


Mrs. de Winter meets a hobo-like old man, Ben, inside a property within the outskirts of the estate. What kind of property is this?

Jasper ran to a cottage near the shore, which led to Mrs. de Winter finding the place and a strange man coming from inside. It turns out that the man is Ben, and the cottage also had Rebecca's things. The woman is everywhere!


How did Rebecca die?

The official story of Rebecca’s death involves a capsized boat. Her remains washed ashore about two months later. Maxim had to identify the body, which was later buried in their family cemetery. Awful way to go.


When the new Mrs. de Winter heard how beautiful the old Mrs. de Winter was, she later read a magazine with this title.

Oddly enough, the new Mrs. de Winter started browsing through the pages of Beauty Magazine to look at fashion trends. She then ordered a new dress from London, the one she saw in its pages.


It’s rare for Maxim to be excited about showing something to his new bride, like when he showed her some film footage. What was in their home movies?

Maxim was excited to show his new wife their honeymoon footage. But she seemed preoccupied with preparing a party — or wearing new dresses.


Trouble at the morning room was caused by the sudden disappearance of the China Cupid figurine. What happened to it?

The China Cupid figurine trouble caused a small ruckus with the staff, since Mrs. Danvers didn’t want any of Rebecca’s things to be touched. Mrs. de Winter eventually owed up to breaking it and keeping it a secret. Aw, girl!


A secret visitor was heard talking with Mrs. Danvers, who later revealed himself as this kind of relative to Rebecca.

The secret visitor, Jack Favell, introduced himself as "Rebecca's favorite cousin” to the new Mrs. de Winter. He was portrayed by George Sanders.


When Mrs. Danvers showcased Rebecca's old room to the new Mrs. de Winter, the housekeeper also encouraged her to listen to this, since it’s so soothing.

When Mrs. Danvers invited Mrs. de Winter to “listen to the sea” because it’s "so soothing,” the new bride felt creepy about it. Of course, everything about Danvers appears creepy — or she makes it appear so!


The party that the new Mrs. de Winter wanted to throw at the banquet hall was this kind of party, like the ones they used to hold in the hall.

Mrs. de Winter thought it would brighten up Maxim to have a costume ball in Manderley again. So she wore a copied de Winter ancestor's costume, which made Maxim blow up. Disaster!


When a ship disaster happened near Manderley, something was discovered with it. What was it?

Apparently, the new shipwreck unearthed Rebecca’s real boat and along with it, her body. This led to more revelations about the real cause of her death.


Maxim's revelation of how Rebecca really died while inside the cottage and how she ended up on the boat was a big surprise to his new bride. So, how did the body end up on the boat?

It turns out that Rebecca fell and hit her head on something hard while inside the cottage. She died instantaneously. To get rid of the body, Maxim put it on the boat and left it to sink. Bad boy!


Maxim also revealed that he never really loved Rebecca, even though people said she possessed the three things an ideal wife should have. What were those three things?

While Rebecca possessed breeding, brains, and beauty, Maxim said she was incapable of love, tenderness, and decency. Can’t have ‘em all, boy!


It was later revealed that Rebecca’s favorite cousin, Jack Favell, was also connected to her in another way. What was that other connection?

During the inquest, Jack revealed that he was Rebecca’s lover, and the suspected father of her forthcoming child. He even had a blackmail note to pin Rebecca’s death on Maxim. So complicated, these people!


In reality, Rebecca did want to die earlier, since she found out that she had this.

A doctor whom Rebecca secretly consults, revealed her cancer diagnosis, which made her write the note to Jack, and also prompted a lie to Maxim so that her husband would kill her instead. This woman is twisted, indeed!


When everything was revealed, and all things were about to peaceful, what happensed to Manderley?

Mrs. Danvers couldn’t bear that another Mrs. de Winter would rule the house, so she thought of burning it down. Yeah, another complicated and twisted woman here! Roll credits!


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