Should You Move to the Northwest?

Brian Wnitney

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The Northwest has it all going on, from hip cities, abundant nature, and the gorgeous and rugged coast. But is it for you? Should you move to the Northwest?

Are you a big fan of Dick's Drive-In?

What do you think of legalized marijuana?

Is it important for you to live around mountains or oceans?

What do you think of grunge?

Which of these bands do you like the most?

Do you mind a lot of rain?

What do you think of craft breweries?

Ever met a lumbersexual?

Are beards hip?

Are you a coffee snob?

How gorgeous is the Puget Sound?

Do you like to ride bikes?

What do you think of the Oklahoma City Thunder?

Do hipsters live in the Northwest?

Which baseball player do you think is the best?

Have you ever been on a houseboat?

How important is a local music scene?

Do you eat mostly local?

Where would you go on vacation?

How much do you talk about the weather?

What do you do when you get three inches of snow?

Do you carry an umbrella when it rains?

Which football team would you root for?

Would you go swimming if the water temperature was 67 degrees?

How often do you go to farmers markets?

How do you like your beaches?

How into hiking are you?

Do you like funky coastal towns?

What is tying you down right now?

Do you like to eat crab?

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