Should You Go on "The Bachelor?"

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While being a contestant on "The Bachelor" might be fun or even a bit romantic, it takes a certain kind of person to go on a reality dating show. Can you tough it out?

Do you like being the center of attention?

Do you get jealous if a guy you are dating and you don't know well is hanging out with someone else?

You are mad at someone and want to tell them off, and the cameras are on, what do you do?

Why would you go on "The Bachelor?"

Would you mind kissing "The Bachelor" ten minutes after he just kissed someone else?

What is the quality you value most in a guy?

The Bachelor is talking to another woman at a party, what do you do?

Do you like to dress up?

Being in the Fantasy sweet sounds...

How would you feel if a guy you really liked couldn't decide whether he loved you, or someone else?

Could you fall in love in a matter of hours?

Would you feel dumb bringing home the Bachelor to meet your folks, knowing that he is dating other people?

What matters most to you?

How do you get along in big groups of women?

How important is it to you to win?

The Bachelor didn't give you a rose, how do you react?

What would you do if you were insulted by another woman?

Would you ever want to be "The Bachelorette?"

How much do you cry?

Are you hot?

Where will you be a few years down the road?

Could you be happy single for life?

What do you think about love?

Which animal is your favorite?

Which character from "Seinfeld" is your favorite?

How do you impress a guy?

If you really thought you loved someone, how soon after meeting them would you get engaged?

Would you want your wedding on national TV?

What is your dream date?

Which of these reality shows is your favorite?

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