Should You Eat, Pray, or Love?

Artimis Charvet

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We all enjoyed watching Julia Roberts' journey as she ate her way through Italy, prayed in India, and found love in Bali. Do you know which one you should try? Take our quiz now to find out!

At what age did you know your true calling?

Work hard or play hard?

Which reality show would you rather binge watch?

It's time for an adventure. Where are you headed?

What's the first thing you pack for a trip?

What was the last thing your Instagrammed?

If you were the leader of the most powerful country in the world, what would you do?

How many friends do you need?

What's the most upsetting thing seeing people get bullied over?

What would you do if you caught a friend cheating at poker?

Which Victor Hugo quote resonates with you most?

How many people are on your hate list?

If someone tells you NOT to touch an object, what do you do?

Where do you feel most inspired?

Which of the following do you think is most underrated?

How do you behave when things don't go your way?

Which Disney song is your jam?

How do you like your chocolate?

Do you start trends?

What are your thoughts on therapy?

What do you do when it rains?

Which season would you eliminate?

Which do you enjoy most?

Who do you turn to when you have a problem?

Which of the following would you like to cross off your bucket list?

If you die, where do you think you will go?

Are you good at fixing stuff?

You just won $1million! What do you buy first?

Have you ever killed a bug?

What is your ideal afternoon?

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