Should You Call Him?

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It's completely normal to feel uncertain about picking up the phone and giving a guy a call. There are so many thoughts that go through one's mind, and it all comes down to if you choose to make the call or not. Sounds like a pretty simple choice, right? To some, the guy should always call, but it's 2019, and then some people think that it doesn't matter who calls! What does matter though is the nature of the relationship and how well things are going.

Has he taken you out on any dates yet? How often do the two of you communicate? Where did you meet? Do you have strong feelings for him? There are a million other questions like that to determine if you should call or not. In this quiz, we'll take your answers and determine what the right decision is for you to make. You might think it's a cut and dry, easy yes, but after answering some questions, that might change. It's normal to overthink things when it comes to dating and relationships, but with this quiz, you'll get some clarity on what to do. So stop what you're doing and take this quiz to get your answer!

When's the last time you saw him?

How many dates have you been on?

Has he kissed you yet?

How often do you two text?

Where did he take you for the first date?

What does he do for a living?

How many sisters does he have?

How close is he to his mom?

What kind of friends does he have?

Do you think he's really into you?

Who always texts who first?

Could you see yourself introducing him to your parents?

What kind of car does he drive?

Do you two talk on the phone a lot?

Why didn't his last relationship work out?

When you guys are together, is there chemistry?

Where's he from?

Who is his favorite artist?

How many long term relationships has he been in?

Do you two have a lot in common?

Is your conversation good?

Where did he go to college?

Do you want to meet his family?

What's his favorite type of food to eat?

Could you see a future with him?

Do you get butterflies right before you see him?

Does he pay for you when you two go out?

What does he like to do for fun?

Has he ever ghosted you?

Was he a player in the past?

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