Should You Buy a Gas, Hybrid or Electric Car?

Teresa McGlothlin

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About This Quiz

Whether you are actively searching for your next car or you are curious about which one is best for you, racing through this quiz will tell you what you want to know. There are more engine options on the market than ever before, so we understand how it might be confusing. But once you've crossed the finish line of this questionnaire, we'll tell you if you should be searching for a hybrid, a gas-powered or an electric car. 

Buying a new car is a big investment, and it's important to know which type of car will best suit your needs. During this quiz, we have designed our questions to figure out what you find most important in a car and how a car will factor into your day-to-day driving ritual. After we tally up your points, the kind of car you need in your life will appear in the results. 

Without the pressure of a car salesman breathing down your neck, your responses will let you know what kind of car you should consider. It might not be the kind of car you thought it would be, but it will be the car you need! Ready to roll? Buckle up, put your pedal to the metal and let's start this quiz!

How well could you pull off driving gloves and sunglasses?

You're at the gym: Which of these muscle cars best describes you?

How would you describe your first car?

When buying a car, what is most important?

What does driving a truck say about someone?

Where do you usually park your car?

Which foreign automaker makes the best-looking cars?

What kind of passenger are you?

How long is your daily commute?

What do you listen to when you drive?

Which paint color would you find most appealing?

How old is your current vehicle?

Do you watch a lot of NASCAR races?

What's the most annoying thing you see other drivers do?

Do you carpool with your coworkers?

How would your passengers describe your driving?

Which luxury feature would you like a new car to have?

How many doors should your new car have?

Where will you shop for your new car?

Which U.S. destination sounds like a fun road trip?

Can you drive a stick shift?

Which American automaker makes the most reliable cars?

At an auto show, would you rather see classic cars or concept cars?

Do you wash your car every weekend?

What do you think of Tesla's recent releases?

Where was the last place you drove?

Would you ever drive a convertible?

Would you enjoy riding a motorcycle?

When is the last time you went for a Sunday drive?

Which kind of weather is the worst to drive in?

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