Should You be Allowed to Vote?

Joshua Laurent

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It's a simple question, but when you think about it, the decisions you make on a ballot could lead to a lot of problems in the world. Are you in the position to make a good choice for the rest of us?

Do you think through every situation?

How important do you think the election is?

Have you voted before?

Do you keep up with politics?

How mature do you think you are?

What's more important of the following?

Have you ever been to a protest?

Who's opinion do you value most?

What party do you affiliate with?

How often do you watch the news?

Do you find politics interesting?

How many presidential debates have you watched?

Do you think old people should vote?

What do you think the age to vote should be?

What would you do if the candidate you didn't want to win, won the election?

Who do you think the best president in history so far is?

Who do you think the worst president in history so far is?

Which animal do you like more?

Do you think others value your opinion?

Do you think you should stand up for what you believe in?

Do you respect other people's opinions?

Do you do research on different topics?

Do you think two terms is long enough?

Would you consider yourself open minded?

Do you understand The Constitution?

Why is it important to vote?

Why would you be voting in the first place?

Are your friends voting?

Which celebrity would make the best president?

Is the presidential election rigged?

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