Shop at Walmart and We'll Guess How Redneck You Are

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About This Quiz

If you haven't walked into a Walmart and wondered if you were a little bit redneck, you are simply not trying! You might not think you have any redneck tendencies, but our fact checkers are more accurate than any self-checkout bagging area sensor. We'll be able to tell your redneck percentage based on the items on your receipt. 

Let's take some time going through each aisle at your local Walmart store. Whether you store has a grocery section or not, we're certain the common things you buy will give us enough information to determine if you should be driving a monster truck or if you are in complete denial of where you fall on the redneck scale. Being a redneck is nothing to be ashamed of! For many, it's a very proud way of life. We'll see if your purchases make you the type of person that would be found watching NASCAR and drinking a beer on a Sunday afternoon or if your tastes are a bit more upscale than that. 

Your Walmart shopping spree will tell us your level of redneck, but we can't guarantee you'll agree. Suck it up, buttercup. We're all a little redneck inside - well, most of us are. 

Which Walmart department do you spend the most time in?

What cut of meat would you get from the deli department?

What do you usually wear when you go shopping at Walmart?

What item would you never buy at Walmart?

Do you use Walmart's automotive services?

Which vegetable would you pick up in the produce aisle?

Do you ever shop at Walmart online?

Which camouflage item might you buy at Walmart?

What would you buy your pet at Walmart?

Do you use Walmart's photo center?

What time of day do you like to shop at Walmart?

What snack food would you pick up at Walmart?

What kind of soda would you purchase at Walmart?

What would you purchase from the home and garden section?

Do you use the self-checkout lane?

What kind of bread do you pick up at Walmart's bakery?

How many of your clothes come from Walmart?

Would you shop in the toy aisle at Walmart?

What are you more likely to purchase in the arts and crafts section?

Do you use a small cart, a big cart, or a handheld basket at Walmart?

What kind of phone would you buy at Walmart?

Which CD would you buy at Walmart?

How much do you spend on an average Walmart shopping trip?

Do you like Walmart or Target better?

Do you ever grab a bite to eat inside Walmart?

What do you do when you are stuck in a Walmart line?

Who usually goes to Walmart with you?

Would you ever buy an engagement ring at Walmart?

How long does a shopping trip take you?

Do you buy shoes at Walmart?

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