Shop At PINK and We'll Tell You Which Mean Girl You Are!

By: Kennita Leon

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If you've seen "Mean Girls," then you know that each of the ladies has their own sense of style. So we're letting you choose whatever you want from Victoria's Secret PINK, and we'll tell you which Mean Girl you are.

Is PINK really your first choice when it comes to Victoria's Secret?

What does PINK have that's better than their mother brand, Victoria's Secret?

What kind of bras do you like the most?

Your favorite bras tend to be/have ...

What's the most you would spend on a good bra?

Which PINK underwear is the best?

If you graduated to the big girl Victoria's Secret collections, which one would you shop from?

PINK has swimsuits too. Which color do you think would look the best on your skin?

Which style of bathing top flatters your chest the most?

And what about the bottom?

Which top do you have the most of in your closet?

It's sweatshirt time. Which of these are you most likely to wear?

Which of these PINK shorts would you wear in gym class to get attention?

Which of their leggings is hands-down, the best?

Which PINK jogger is your favorite to wear around the house?

PINK has some lovely bath bombs. Which one do you want to try?

But which scent are you most attracted to?

They also carry body mists. Which color bottle will get your attention first?

If you had to choose a body care item based only on its name, which would you pick?

On our last stop, we're heading to the sale section. Which five items are you buying?

Now just a few questions about you and your inner mean girl. Who's your favorite from the movie?

Which secondary character do you love?

What's your favorite line from "Mean Girls?"

If you could join any clique from the movie, which would it be?

Would you say that you're a real life mean girl?

How often do you insult people?

If someone was jealous of you, for what reason would it be?

What's your favorite holiday?

What would you dress up as for Halloween?

What's one really weird talent that you have?

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