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Test your old Hollywood knowledge by taking this Shirley Temple quiz!

In her heyday, Shirley Temple was known as this kind of celebrity...

Her autobiography is also entitled Child Star.


At what age did Shirley Temple start working in the motion picture industry?

Temple was born in 1928.


Shirley Temple’s earliest acting stint was for this series entitled "__ Burlesks" produced by Educational Studios.

Baby Burlesks are short film spoofs that featured preschool performers like Temple who performed adult roles.


What is the title of the film where Shirley Temple first appeared?

The Red-Haired Alibi was released in 1932.


Working as a freelance performer from age 3 to 5, how many acting credits did Shirley Temple earn before being signed as a contract performer of a major studio?

Some of her earliest bit roles were actually uncredited.


Aside from acting, Shirley Temple became famous for doing this kind of routine in her movies.

Shirley Temple also made songs famous outside of her films.


What is the title of the movie in which Shirley Temple made her first major feature film debut as a contract performer?

The film was released in 1934.


Her feature film debut as a contract artist was for Fox Film Corp., which will later be know by this name.

It was 20th Century Fox’s head honcho Daryl Zanuch who made Temple one of the frontliners of this new and soon-to-be influential film studio.


In the film Stand Up and Cheer, Temple's first song-and-dance routine was displayed when she performed this song in the film.

This song was also made into a film, of course starring Temple.


Shirley Temple’s landmark film, where she had her first starring role, was actually produced by another film company. Which was it?

Paramount is now part of the huge media conglomerate of Viacom.


What is the title of Temple’s starring role-film for Paramount Pictures?

Little Miss Marker was released in 1934.


What is the title of the film that solidified Temple’s status as a bonafide celebrity, not just in the US but also internationally?

Bright Eyes was a film that was specifically created with Shirley Temple in mind.


In her breakthrough film Bright Eyes, Temple popularized this song, which also became a pop culture favorite outside of the film.

By this time, she is already a recognized bona fide musical movie star.


Due to her 1934 popularity, especially in Bright Eyes, Temple was honored in 1935 with this really special award.

The Juvenile Oscar was bestowed to Temple by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences.


Due to her enormous popularity, 20th Century Fox even had this special department created to capitalize on Temple's star power.

Around 19 writers were dedicated to this team.


Aside from her trademark song-and-dance routine, this mark is also part of her popularity.

Temple’s dimples added to her eternal cuteness factor in her movies.


One of the characterizations that made Shirley Temple a household name involved this kind of character.

Temple became famous as a movie star for playing an orphan role put in various situations with adults.


Aside from her trademark dimples, this mark is also identified with Shirley Temple being a cute child star.

Temple’s mother was the one who “designed” her baby daughter’s trademark curls when she first expressed interest in acting for motion pictures.


This 1935 film capitalized on one of Temple’s trademark looks.

This film, as well as Temple's earlier and subsequent films, somehow gave the Depression Era film viewers something to look forward to, catapulting her to stardom even further.


In her film Curly Top, Temple once again popularized a song, this time entitled “___ Crackers in My Soup."

Due to films like Curly Top, Temple was known as Hollywood’s number 1 box-office star.


Shirley Temple played an orphaned character in many of her films, except this.

Temple was actually considered for Wizard of Oz, but producers found her singing prowess as lacking for the demands of the role.


This musical comedy film of Shirley Temple was loosely based on the popular children’s book written by Kate Douglas Wiggins.

Another early Hollywood legend, Mary Pickford, also appeared in an earlier version of this film.


This Shirley Temple film is based on one of the most popular children’s books in Swiss literature.

The book was written by Johanna Spyri.


In this film, Temple executes one of the most famous scenes in her career: tap dancing on a staircase with Bill “Bojangles” Robinson.

The Little Colonel is a film set during the Civil War era.


In this film, also released in 1935 like their first pairing, Temple dances again with Bill Robinson in a film that’s again set in the Civil war era.

A product of its era, some of Temple’s films like The Littlest Rebel somehow presented racial stereotypes against African-Americans, despite them sharing the limelight with her.


This legendary director, famous for his western films, directed Shirley Temple in the film Wee Willie Winkie.

Temple later said that she liked it when Ford treated her like any other actor, and not the child actor spoiled by the Hollywood system.


Temple’s 1937 film Wee Willie Winkie was based on a story written by this famous author.

Kipling was an English author, and was one of the most popular in the United Kingdom during his lifetime.


Coming from the heels of the black-and-white silent film era, this Shirley Temple film is considered as her first movie to be entirely shot in Technicolor.

A Little Princess was shown in 1939.


This 1936 Shirley Temple film involves a storyline that somehow echoes the story of The Prince and the Pauper.

Poor Little Rich Girl finds Temple playing a spoiled brat who later ends up living on the streets.


In her film Captain January, Temple stars as the orphan baby found by a lighthouse keeper in this type of body of water.

Captain January was released in 1936.


In her film Little Miss Marker, Temple dances atop this kind of structure.

She performed the song “Laugh, You Son of A Gun” in this film.


Due to the success of the film Wizard of Oz, 20th Century Fox also made this children's fantasy film starring Shirley Temple.

Sadly, the film was a major flop.


If not playing an orphan, Shirley Temple also found herself playing this kind of role during her heyday.

Her wit and positive outlook as a child were often used to inspire overcoming hardships in a single parent household.


In the film The Bachelor and The Bobby-Soxer, an adolescent Shirley Temple starred with this great Hollywood leading man.

Grant’s actual partner in this film is not Temple, but leading lady Myrna Loy.


In 1947, a post-teenager Shirley Temple starred in That Hagen Girl with this actor.

During his presidency, Reagan actually appointed an adult Temple as the US Ambassador to Czechoslovakia in 1989.


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