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How well do you know 221B Baker Street?

'Sherlock' is a crime drama TV series based on the books of ________?

Doyle's firs book featuring Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson was 'A Study in Scarlet.'


Sherlock calls himself a _________?

As a consulting detective in modern-day London, Sherlock is routinely called in to help the local police force.


Dr. Watson is a veteran of the war in _______?

He returned from military service in Afghanistan with the Royal Army Medical Corps.


Sherlock's personality can best be described as ________?

Sherlock doesn't mince words nor does he allow emotion to cloud his logical thought process. He's always at least one step ahead of the audience.


Who introduces Watson to Sherlock?

Watson and Stamford attended Barts together. After Watson says, "Who would want me as a flatmate?" Mike introduces the two as Sherlock made the same remark to Mike that morning.


What problem does Sherlock help Mrs. Hudson with prior to Sherlock and Watson renting the flat from her?

Sherlock ensured the execution happened in Florida, which was the conclusion Mrs. Hudson wanted. She gives Sherlock and Watson a special deal on the flat as a favor to Sherlock.


What is the flat's address in central London?

Mrs. Hudson occupies the bottom flat and there is a "Speedy's" sandwich bar & cafe on the ground floor.


Watson's therapist and Sherlock feel that his limp is _______?

Sherlock proves his point in the pilot episode when the two of them chase down a villain and Watson does so without his cane or a limp.


Mrs. Hudson is always telling the two _______?

Mrs. Hudson may tell them that she is not their housekeeper, but she helps to tidy up and makes sure they have food.


What excites Sherlock?

The more gruesome the crime, the more difficult it is to solve the better.


People routinely mistake Watson as a ________ man?

People do not know what to make of Sherlock's sexuality, and since Watson is always with him they assume he is gay.


Who plays Dr. John Watson?

Martin played Frodo Baggins in the three "Hobbit" movies and was an original cast member in "The Office."


Who plays Sherlock Holmes?

Benedict played the Necromancer & Smaug in the three "Hobbit" movies and can be seen as the Doctor in "Doctor Strange."


Who is Sherlock's contact at Scotland Yard?

Lestrade has a reluctant respect for Sherlock and often defends him from the other police officers' animosity.


Who is Sherlock's brother?

Mycroft is Sherlock’s older brother and engages in sibling rivalry with him. Sherlock sarcastically remarks that Mycroft is the British government.


Each season of Sherlock contains _________ episodes?

The series started in 2010 and will start it's fourth season in 2017.


Sherlock Holmes has a _______ problem?

In the series, heroin is his problem drug of choice.


Who is the forensic expert that hates to work with Sherlock?

From the beginning of the series, it is clear that Anderson and Sherlock have history of mutual dislike with Sherlock repeatedly humiliating Anderson and Anderson refusing to assist him at crime scenes.


Who is the sergeant that calls Sherlock "Freak"?

Donovan resents Sherlock's presence at crime scenes and treats him with extreme disrespect and rudeness, cruelly calling him a "freak" to his face.


Watson writes a ________ about Sherlock and their adventures.

The blog is called, "The blog of Dr. John H. Watson," and its web address is:


Who is the only "consulting criminal" in the world?

Moriarty is a counterpoint to Sherlock's similarly unrivaled "consulting detective" and the primary antagonist of Series 1 & 2.


What does Sherlock call his "hard drive?"

He says that he only puts things in there that are really useful, which is why he is clueless about the solar system.


Sherlock arrives at ________ clothed only in a sheet?

Watson is picked up my a helicopter and is fully clothed for his trip to the Royal Palace. The due must get pictures from "The Woman" that shows a royal using her services.


Moriarty's ring tone is ________?

"Staying Alive" is by the Bee Gees and it's from the movie "Saturday Night Fever."


Who is referred to as "The Woman?"

Irene is a professional dominatrix who provides "recreational scolding" for anyone willing to pay for it. For protection, she takes pictures of her clients during her job to make sure they do not do anything unwanted to her.


Why must Sherlock die at the end of Season Two?

If Sherlock did not jump from the roof. Moriarty would kill Watson and Mrs. Hudson.


After Sherlock dies, who does Watson meet?

Watson falls in love with Mary who is part-time nurse in Watson's medical practice.


What is the phrase Sherlock uses to tell Watson to duck for cover?

The phrase first originated in World War 2. The phrase was a signal for everyone to duck out of the line of fire. Since Watson is a military man, Sherlock knew Watson would know the phrase.


Irene Adler changes Sherlock's text alert noise to _______?

Irene wants Sherlock to know when she texts him. She changes it while he was drugged and passed out in his room.


Who has a crush on Sherlock?

Molly is a pathologist working in the morgue at St. Barts. Sherlock frequently exploits her to let him examine or perform experiments on victims' bodies.


What club does Anderson start after Sherlock "dies?"

He is the founder of a club which believes Sherlock to have faked his death and a rather avid conspiracy theorist regarding his fall.


What is Watson's reaction when he finds out Sherlock is alive after two years?

Watson grabs Sherlock in the restaurant and throws him to the floor, he reaches across the table in the second restaurant, and head butts him in the third restaurant.


After John marries Mary, he discovers she is really _______?

She is a former CIA agent, who went freelance as an assassin and eventually on the run.


Sherlock's parents are played by __________?

Timothy Carlton and Wanda Ventham are Benedict Cumberbatch's actual parents.


Who is the "the Napoleon of Blackmail?"

Charles Augustus Magnussen is a powerful businessman who controls a media empire. He holds information on many people of prominence, allowing him to use such information for blackmail purposes in order to achieve his goals.


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